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Shark feeding causes frenzy on East Oahu

Paul Yabiku Paul Yabiku
Gene Ward Gene Ward

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

HAWAII KAI (KHNL) - Shark feeding is big business on Oahu's North Shore. Now, it's looking to swim down to the East Shore at Maunalua Bay.

The Hawaii Kai community is trying to keep it caged up.

State Representative Gene Ward is putting together a town hall meeting to discuss shark feeding operations.

He and others just want people to be informed about this possible big change at Maunalua Bay. Paul Yabiku fishes, surfs and kayaks here twice a week.

"Last time I saw a shark out there was five years ago, that's the only time I seen a shark out there," he said.

He wants to keep it that way. But not if shark feeding is introduced at Maunalua Bay.

"No keep 'em on the North Shore, I don't want to see sharks out there while I'm surfing," he said. "I don't want to get eaten by a shark."

His concerns are felt by many, including State Representative Gene Ward.

"Sharks are not stupid, if you feed them, they'll come," he said. "The fundamental question is, is this something that's going to have public endangerment, public safety, that's a real concern."

But others who don't want to talk to us on camera aren't concerned about shark feeding. They tell us sharks are already in the bay and that some are feeding them.

Some people are also concerned about shark feeding in these waters because it may upset the balance of marine life.

"If they start accumulating here, Maunalua Bay, the shark subculture, that's where you get a free lunch," Ward said. "We don't want to bring torches and pitch forks out, we want to get the information out, get to the bottom of the issue so people can understand."

An understanding that keeps both the shark feeding companies and people from swimming for answers.

The town hall meeting is scheduled for Thursday at 7 p.m. It's being held at Kamiloiki Elementary School. Calls to a company looking to start shark feeding tours at Maunalua Bay were not returned.

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