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Hawaii architects create Easter "eggs-travaganza"

Mariel Moriwake Mariel Moriwake
Christine Sanpei Christine Sanpei
Brad Inovejas Brad Inovejas

By Sean Ibara

HONOLULU (KHNL) - If you thought Honolulu was becoming a sustainable city, take a look at this one. That's right, it's a whole city... made out of... eggs?

Christine Sanpei of Architects Hawaii said, "the idea this year was to try and use as much materials around the office, recycled within the overall use of the island".

"Eggs-perts" from Architects Hawaii created what they call "green egg'cres", spawned from the Honolulu city landscape. It has everything, including a popular North Shore surf spot... and even an urban "egg-ricultural" model created by Mariel Moriwake. Moriwake added, "I wanted to showcase something futuristic, something that perhaps we'll see more of in the future".

"We have an airport, beach, vertical farms, whatever you can imagine in our crazy age-old city".

A city that may very well look... something like this...

Having some experience in the industry, Moriwake said, "knowing that we are running out of resources. There's no other choice".

And this very fragile display in the lobby of the American Savings Bank branch downtown, stirred up some "eggs-citement", "eggs-pecially" with the young ones. Brad Inovejas also worked on the project. "I think the little details help, I mean it really brings the overall site plan to life. It's just a little more things for people to look at and the kids to kind of pay attention to".

But this was also an "eggs-cellent" "eggs-perience" for the designers who say with a lot of restrictions, codes, and ordnances it helps them get creative.

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