Police ask the public to help monitor crime cameras

Acting Sergeant Richard Fikani
Acting Sergeant Richard Fikani

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Honolulu Police up their patrol to crack down on the recent rash of Chinatown crime. Officers are turning to the community for help in using technology to tackle the growing problem.

A fatal shooting, stabbing and assault. That's just what police have dealt with in Chinatown the last few weeks alone. A possible solution maybe a matter of just looking up.

"White Shorts and a baseball cap," said Acting Sergeant Richard Fikani.

Right down river street.

"Zooming in," said Fikani.

Monitoring Maunakea.

"Panning back," said Fikani.

And surveillance on Smith Street.

"People walking around," said Fikani.

He is focused on using cameras to keep Chinatown's streets safe. They've been in use for nearly a decade, catching crimes like drug deals and basically anyone doing wrong.

"It really gives you the advantage and the upper hand," said Fikani.

There are 26 cameras all over Chinatown that rotate 360-degrees and record 24-7. And that means burglars, bad guys beware, someone's always watching.

"It gives us more eyes to be able to watch because a policeman can't be everywhere," said Fikani.

Concern consumes the Chinatown community after a fatal shooting nearly two weeks ago, then six days later, an assault and stabbing just down the same street.

"We've stepped up the utilization of people in this area to help with the community concern. Someone's watching, you just don't know when it could be that day for you, so watch out," said Fikani.

Used as evidence in court cases, police say the camera's are just a tool and are now turning to the community for help in keeping an eye out for crime.

Police are looking for volunteers to step up and help monitor the cameras. By working 4 hour shifts, everyday people and officers can team together and tackle the recent threats on Chinatown streets.

If you'd like to help you're asked to contact Honolulu Police at 590-1710.