Bicyclist hit by police car continues recovery process

Emily Palmer
Emily Palmer
John Lopes
John Lopes

By Leland Kim - bio | email

KAILUA (KHNL) - A young woman who was hit by a police car Wednesday, and then cited for not having her bicycle registered, was recovering Thursday. This is a story that generated a lot of viewer interest among KHNL/K5 viewers.

Emily Palmer is still a bit sore from yesterday's ordeal. She says she just wants her life back to what it was before the accident.

She was resting at home with her boyfriend, after Wednesday's bizarre bike accident on her way to work.

"A lot more sore today," said the 28-year-old Kailua resident. "I think yesterday when I talked to you, I was still in shock and had my adrenaline going, and after sleeping on it overnight, I was really stiff. I went back to the hospital today, had x-rays done. Nothing's broken, just a lot of bruising."

Palmer says she was at this crosswalk waiting for the light to turn green. When it did, she started moving forward. That's when the police officer came from this direction, made the right turn and hit her.

A short while later, she got a ticket for not having her bicycle registered. As for the officer? An accident investigation, but no citation for a moving violation.

"I want him to be treated if I was in the same situation he was in and as of right now, I don't feel quite like he was," said Palmer. "I feel like he was given privileges because he was an officer."

KHNL/K5 received lots of emails and phone calls expressing concern for Palmer.

"I think it's wonderful to have that support back there," she said. "Nothing that I expected or anticipated would happen but it's great. It's great to know there's good people out there."

The Honolulu Police Department declined a request for an interview because they say they do not want to jeopardize the ongoing investigation.

"If everybody has got to follow the law, then everybody's got to follow the law," said John Lopes, Palmer's boyfriend. "He should get a ticket. You or I would get a ticket."

Palmer's bicycle was her main mode of transportation. She just wants things to be the way they were.

"Just back to normal with my bike, and heal up so I'm not as sore," said Palmer.

"It's more convenient to ride a bike so watch out for those bicyclists," added Lopes. "They're everywhere. So, got to be careful."

Now, here's a bit of good news. Several viewers contacted us, wanting to donate a bicycle to Palmer. One of those good Samaritans will meet with her Saturday to deliver the bike.