Windward Oahu Candidates' Forum

By Kristine Uyeno - bio | email

KAILUA (KHNL) - On April 9, residents in Windward Oahu will get a chance to meet the candidates, looking to succeed the late councilmember, Barbara Marshall.

The Kailua Chamber of Commerce is holding a forum at Kailua Intermediate, for the 11 people looking to fill Marshall's City Council District 3 seat. She died in February, after her battle with cancer. Although some in this area haven't decided who should replace her, one candidate seems popular.

"Ikaika Anderson. That's who I'm going to vote for," said Jackie Chong, resident.

"Not certain yet but I was looking at Ikaika Anderson," said Claire Johnson, voter.

"I think someone who's familiar with her policies and so forth and I think her aide Anderson will follow in her footsteps," said Steve Stiles, resident.

Marshall's widower is among Anderson's supporters. Voters we talked to like Anderson's youth and sincerity over other candidates, including former councilmembers John Henry Felix and Steve Holmes. They hope the winner focuses on, topics like, rail and preserving the Kailua area.

"Like the construction on Kahekili Highway. Do we really need it in this economy? Where's our money going?," asked Robert Holland.

Voters have two weeks to make up their minds, on who they think will be the best person to address those issues.