Quarter Master

Just when you thought you had completed your nifty 50 state quarter collection, the United States mint has announced that, in 2010, it will put out new quarters that feature a natural site from each state and U.S. territory.  The U.S. Treasury is now listening to state site recommendations from local officials, and will make its decision by month's end.

But what if you or I were voting?  What would be truly representative of a natural Hawaii site?  Sure, you know Diamond Head will be a leading choice, but what about something more esoteric, something that will make this quarter really stand out amongst the others?  How about showing a plate lunch place- surely a treasured local landmark?  I guess you could show Waikiki Beach, though I'm not sure how that would stand out on a quarter, especially since it's disappearing.

All kidding aside, what about Waimea Bay, the Lao Needle, Haleakala or Halemaumau Crater, or how about Chinaman's Hat?  Yes, lots of people might not know what or where the chosen site is, but that would make it all the more worthwhile, as curious people spend a few minutes researching a natural and beautiful part of Hawaii they might not have known about.  And that's a good thing.  Think about it...