Oahu man who chased egg-throwing teens sentenced

Attorney Victor Bakke
Attorney Victor Bakke
Judge Randall Lee
Judge Randall Lee

By Paul Drewes - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A year after his home was egged in Lanikai,

local attorney and former Bishop Estate trustee, Gerard Jervis, is sentenced for what happened after the eggs were thrown.

During closing arguments, Jervis sat quietly.

But a year ago, after his house was egged, Jervis was anything but quiet.

Instead, even after drinking, he chased after the SUV that carried four egg throwing teenagers. That SUV eventually ended up a utility pole guide wire.

"Its natural to get angry and find those boys, get a license plate number. Mr. Jervis had ample opportunity to do that but he went further than that," said Darrell Wong, a deputy prosecutor.

That is why prosecutors were asking for jail time and community service for this community leader.

But Jervis' attorney, said he didn't simply crack after the egg throwing. Instead he was defending his family from a drunken gang of teenagers - that posed a grave threat.

"They're no different than the gangs in chinatown that go around shooting people. They were drunk, they attacked Mr. Jervis and his family," said his attorney, Victor Bakke.

Judge Randal Lee disagreed.

"You let the conduct of these boys get the better of you," said the judge.

But he only sentenced Jervis to probation for the four misdemeanors, as well as time served for the two days he spent in jail. Jervis will also have to do 100 hours of community service.

Following the sentencing, he offered an additional apology.

"I am sorry for what I did, I regret my actions. My home had been egged 30 times prior to that and I reacted," said Jervis.

While the case against of Jervis is over, the teenagers accused of throwing the eggs have not been prosecuted.