Defense argues self-defense in murder trial

Kristine Yoo
Kristine Yoo
Stephen Wilcox
Stephen Wilcox
Glenn Keohokapu
Glenn Keohokapu
Ben Ignacio
Ben Ignacio
Anthony Bryant
Anthony Bryant

By Paul Drewes - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Was an Oahu man fighting for his wife or fighting for his life?

A deadly argument after an alleged domestic disturbance leads to a murder trial.

This case comes down to the question of murder or self defense. A jury listened to arguments on both sides in the trial of Glenn Keohokapu.

The trial began with details of his fight with Steve Wilcox.

"Stephen Wilcox thought he was getting into a fair fight with this defendant," said Deputy Prosecutor, Kristine Yoo.

It began as a confrontation following an alleged domestic argument at a Windward Oahu parking lot. But it escalated.

"It was a fair fight until the defendant brought a knife to a fist fight," added Yoo.

That fight turned deadly with a single swing of the folding knife with a three inch blade.

"He plunges the entire length of the blade into the heart of Stephen," stated Yoo.

There is no argument that Stephen died on the morning of June 8th, after the stabbing in the Club Komo Mai parking lot.

But Keohokapu's attorney tells a different story of how the events unfolded that fateful night.

"My client is not guilty because he acted in self defense," said Ben Ignacio.

Instead he says that 19 year old Wilcox, the victim, was also the aggressor.

"There was something about Stephen that worried Glenn, there is something about Stephen that scared Glenn," said Ignacio.

A security guard on duty testified Wilcox challenged Keohokapu after following him into the parking lot.

"Stephen takes of his shirt and his gold chain, puts the beer down and then he takes a boxing stance," said Anthony Bryant.

But Bryant also testifies Keohokapu, who has an extensive criminal history, threatened Wilcox with a knife.

"He said 'Come and I'll stab that f----r'" stated Bryant.

And during a final confrontation, Wilcox was fatally wounded.

"When Stephen walked out into the open I could see he was bleeding, blood was shooting out"

According to the medical examiner, Wilcox died from a stab wound to the heart.

Testimony in this case will continue at Circuit Court Tuesday.