Game On: Kalihi store preserves board game era

Glen Fong
Glen Fong
Kurt Dreflak
Kurt Dreflak

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

KALIHI (KHNL) - Playstation, Nintendo Wii, X-Box - for kids today, video games are the 'in' thing.

But there is a place that has games where, the Dungeons and Dragons and Monopoly generation still lives.

In Monday's 'Game On', KHNL features an Oahu store that takes you back...way back!

"We have all kinds of planes, Star Wars, miniatures, bobbleheads," said Glen Fong.

Fong is the owner of Armchair Adventurer. His slogan is 'For the Kid Who Never Grew Up'.

"This is the kind of stuff they wish they had when they were kids and now this is their second chance at getting these things," Fong said.

It's a store in Kalihi created for all the Peter Pans on the islands, a Never Land jam-packed with items that beam you up to a time when toys and games didn't rely on electricity, just on imagination.

"In the computer age we tend to just be on ourselves, playing on the computer, but we're playing with somebody that we don't see and don't really know," said Fong.

"Video games, there can be some social interaction. But the reason I still play board games is to get together with the people I like to be and it's something that we all enjoy," said Kurt Dreflak, a customer.

And the store is where they can do just that. It features a gaming area table for customers to use.

"Sometimes it's like their bar. But the difference between between a bar and this place is that you have something to show for it at the end," said Fong.

For Fong, it's is more than just a store.

"I'm the supergeek. I personally think we're all geeks in the world. This is a place that I wish I had when I grew up as a kid, and my dream is coming true, and I hope to keep this dream going," he said.

So while technology has taken over the gaming world, this is a place where the young at heart can time warp to an era that's nearly lost, but not forgotten.