Roadwork project to take up three lanes of traffic in Pearl City

Mary Ellen Auyoung
Mary Ellen Auyoung

PEARL CITY (KHNL) - It was another busy Sunday afternoon at the Auyoung household in Pearl City.

The yard work is noisy but it has to be done. They live right next to the H-1 Freeway and noise is nothing new.

"I like it here I just don't like the noise of the freeway", said Mary Ellen Auyoung.

This house was in this quiet neighborhood before the Pearl City viaduct was built.

Mary Ellen says "there's not much I can do about the noise of the freeway except deal with it as best as I can."

The noise is going to get much louder for the Auyoungs and most of the people who live in or around Pearl City. Beginning Monday night the state will make the first major repairs to the viaduct since 1969.

Auyoung complains, "the evening time is the loudest and it stays about that level oh until about 11:00 p.m."

Construction is scheduled from 7pm to 4am. Mary Ellen is used to traffic noise, turning up the tv so she doesn't have to listen to cars whizzing by.

She adds, "I notice how loud it is so I turn the volume down and the moment I sit down to watch it I realize I can't hear it again so I have to get up and turn it way up."

The Pearl City viaduct is one of the more travelled corridors on the island, so the state is trying to minimize the impact on drivers.

Auyoung adds, "it needs to be done. Traffic is really bad."

The yard needs work too. And for now Mary Ellen is trying to get it done so she can have a few extra hours of sleep.

"I know I'm going to hear jackhammers all night, I know already. I'll be happy when they stop for a lunch break and hopefull they will finish ahead of schedule and that will make me a happy camper.