Aloha Airlines employees reunite one year after shut down

Patti Smart
Patti Smart
Debbie Arquette
Debbie Arquette

By Roger Mari bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The old Aloha Airlines reservations office is where former employees shared past stories, looked at old pictures, and took new ones. For some, a year isn't enough to erase the memories of what happened when Aloha Airlines shut-down.

"I still get choked up and cry a lot when I think about what happened and I can't believe that it's gone," said former Aloha Airlines employee Debbie Arquette

"I would just sit there and cry not so much for myself but for the people that are without jobs, and for the people who've been disrupted and actually for the people of Hawaii," said former Aloha Airlines employee Patti Smart.

In spite of the tough economic climate, Debbie Arquette believes there's nothing Aloha Airlines wouldn't be able to weather.

"We've been through bankruptcy, we've seen a lot of challenges, you know, even in the 19 years I've been with Aloha but somehow we always pulled through and that's what made us special," said Debbie Arquette.

It was mostly smiles at today's gathering. Dozens turned out to reunite, share a meal and exchange updated contact information with the people they considered family.

"Time heals but I think when in contact through email and especially like functions like this, it really helps with the grieving process," said Debbie Arquette.

It's all they can do for now to comfort and support one another during these turbulent economic times.