Woman assaulted, man stabbed in Chinatown

Chu Lan Schubert-Kwock
Chu Lan Schubert-Kwock

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Police are investigating yet another scary situation in Chinatown.  A man was stabbed and a woman assaulted in broad daylight.

The attack comes almost a week after another victim was shot to death just down the street. Police didn't comment on the incident Friday, but witnesses say it happened around 1:30 Friday afternoon in a neighborhood that's notorious for criminal activity.

It happened again, police tape in chinatown.

" I said, oh no, not another one," said an Eyewitness.

One witness saw it all. Fearful of backlash, their identity is protected

"I looked out my window, I saw this samoan guy was beating up another samoan. I saw another man punch the lady so I called 911," said the eyewitness.

Witnesses say a total of four men attacked the woman, two others stabbed the man.

"The guy was knocked out and was lying on the ground," said the eyewitness.

Investigators looked for evidence. The fire department tried to rid remnants of the River Street scene, but there's no washing away a heightened sense of worry.

"Thousands of people live here and you can't walk down and not know you're going to be dead the next minute," said Chinatown Business & Community Association President Chu Lan Schubert-Kwock.

The Chinatown Business and Community Association held a walk against crime two weeks ago. There's even a citizens patrol in the area. But, Joseph Peneueta was gunned down on a corner last week. Now this in broad daylight.

"I have people afraid to come down stairs, they're afraid to walk around, they shop and they run," said Chu Lan Schubert-Kwock.

Police are on patrol at night, but people say they need to be here during the daytime and double in numbers.

"The mayor needs to come out, the police chief needs to come out and calm the community because this is really scary," said Chu Lan Schubert-Kwock.

The woman in her late 20's is stable, while the man in his mid to late 30's is in serious condition. Witnesses say the stabbing and assault may be a retaliation from last Saturday's fatal shooting because the incident also involves members of the KPT and "Frisco" gang.