14 dead in New York shooting rampage

BINGHAMTON, NY (NBC) - A shooting rampage in Binghamton, New York has left 14 people dead.

A lone gunman is said to be responsible for the carnage.

He is listed among the dead.

Authorities in Binghamton say in order to trap those inside the gunman wedged his car up against the rear doors of the American Civic Association building before going in the front entrance and opening fire.

"It was pre-mediated.  He barricaded the back door so nobody could get out," said Binghamton Police Chief Joseph Zikuksi.

Dozens of people were inside when the gunman entered, armed with several weapons.

In addition to those killed a half dozen were injured and rushed to hospitals.

Another group of about 15 managed to escape and were later led out by police.

"They seemed to be physically OK but obviously they were emotionally distraught," said WNDF Radio's Bob Joseph.  "They were being led to nearby ambulances."

Those remaining were held hostage inside for almost three hours.

The American Civic Association is a non-profit that assist immigrants and refugees.

Police describe the suspected shooter as a male in his early 40s.