Does it Work? The Shamwow

Glenn Wong
Glenn Wong
Matt Cooke
Matt Cooke

By Stephanie Lum - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - It has a catchy commercial with a catchier host that claims the "Shamwow" isn't your average shammy. When it comes to soaking up spills and keeping things dry, the Shamwow seems amazing or as the host of the commercial claims, "You'll be saying 'wow' every time you use the Shamwow".

KHNL wanted to know if the Shamwow really works. So, we took the 'as seen on t.v.' product to one of the busiest car washes in town; McKinley Car Wash on Kapiolani Boulevard and put it to the test.

While the makers of Shamwow claim ordinary towels are no match for their product, workers use regular cotton towels to wipe down cars. Owner Yukio Yoshikawa uses the Shamwow and isn't impressed.

"It doesn't pick up all the water, it doesn't make it completely dry," said Yoshikawa. No matter how many times Yoshikawa wipes, sure enough, you can still see streaks of water.

How about spills? We head to the Big City Diner in Ward where waiters are busy wiping tables.

Manager Glenn Wong is disappointed from the get-go while trying to clean a wet counter top.

"It doesn't really pick up the water. Is this the real thing?", Wong asked.

A customer who wanted to help out said, "I'm using my napkin and it seems like it works better."

The Shamwow isn't working well on counter tops or cars. What about the host's claim in his words, "Olympic divers use it as a towel and look at that; completely dry."

Will it work on humans? While we weren't able to find an olympic diver, we did find a diver who wanted to give it a shot. Just out of the water, Matt Cooke uses a slightly damp Shamwow to dry himself.

"I'm still pretty saturated with water and it doesn't seem like this thing is gathering enough," Cooke said. He wrings out the Shamwow and said, "It only soaked up a couple drops and that's it. I think I'm going to just stick with my towel."

So far, the Shamwow isn't wow-ing anyone but we wanted to see if the Shamwow could at least live up to one of its promises. So, we put it to the test this time to see if it could soak up spills on carpets and prove the host's claim that, "It acts like a vacuum and look at this, virtually dry on the bottom."

Just like the commercial, we emptied out a can of coca-cola onto a carpet and placed the Shamwow on top of the spill. Much to our surprise, it worked and the soda was gone, but there was still a wet mess underneath.

According to the website, the Shamwow is supposed to work wet or dry. We used it both ways and saw the same results.

If you're interested, you can buy a set of 4 mini and 4 large Shamwows for $19.95 plus shipping and handling.