SuperFerry Supernova

Superman was impervious to bullets and bombs as he went about his business; super glue is supposed to be the greatest bonding product of all time- it's not; the Super Bowl is the ultimate championship of U.S. football.  The list of "super"lative items goes on and on.  But what of the SuperFerry?  Did it not live up to its expectations as an alternative mode of transport?  It did, providing a quality service, helping businesses, consumers, charities, and even keeping its extremities away from sea life during its currently-short tenure here.

What SuperFerry couldn't do in the long haul was rely on the very same people who assured it that it would be able to operate while an Environmental Impact Statement was being undertaken.  Sure, there are plenty who will say "I told you so", that the EIS should have been properly completed before the ship set sail.  But the SuperFerry was assured that that they would have smooth sailing by the top branches of our state government, and now the State Supreme Court has said, "not so fast".  The legislation that was invalidated means we might not see this ship sail again, at least not in our waters, and the business ripples are just beginning to affect those who had grown accustomed to this burgeoning enterprise.

So while we still have really big ships plowing between islands and through our ocean whose environmental impact probably has greater day-to-day impact than the SuperFerry did, we have managed to dock this effort because the adults in charge could not get it right in the first place, at whatever level you want to place blame.  And perhaps even sadder- it's not a shock to many longtime locals.  Think about it...