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'ER' series finale airs tonight

Noah Wyle Noah Wyle
Parminder Nagra Parminder Nagra
Linda Cardellini Linda Cardellini
Anthony Edwards Anthony Edwards
John Wells John Wells

LOS ANGELES (NBC) - Viewers say goodbye to a landmark TV drama tonight. "ER" ends its fifteen year run on NBC with a two hour finale.

"It's been an incredible experience" said actor Noah Wyle, who plays Dr. John Carter.

"It's just bizarre to think that this is it" said actor Parminder Nagra, Dr. Neela Roscotra as she is known on the show.

More than 5,000 actors have passed through the doors cf Chicago's County General Hospital

"It's given me a wonderful place to be every day of my life for the past six years" said actor Linda Cardellini, who portrays nurse Sam Taggart.

336 episodes of life and death, love and loss with the occasional absurdity tossed in.

"We owe a lot to this show. It changed all of our lives and was so important to all of us in our careers" said actor Anthony Edwards, who played Dr. Mark Greene.

At its mid 1990's peak before DVRs and the internet took hold "ER" averaged more than 30 million viewers a week, more than anything on TV these days, including "American Idol".

"Certainly, I would say those first 5 seasons were about as good as television gets" said Greg Evans of TV Guide.

Executive producer John Wells started planning the wrap-up with series creator Michael Crichton more than a year ago, prior to the novelist's passing last fall.

"We're really doing an homage to the first two hours we did in the pilot, because not that much has changed in the urban medical system" said Wells.

Noah Wyle's measuring stick for tonight's farewell is his favorite tv finale from 26 years ago.

"And because Eriq LaSalle won't be taking off in a helicopter while I spell out goodbye in little white stones, I think it'll fall just a little short of that mark" said Wyle, referring to the 1983 series finale of "MASH", which was the most watched single episode in television history.

But the "ER" farewell promises to be just as heartfelt.

"We're going out on a high note for a show we can all be proud of" said Cardellini.

Join us tonight  for an hour long "ER" retrospective special beginning at 7:00 PM , right here on KHNL NBC 8. That's followed by the two hour e-r finale itself, beginning at 8.

Then stay with us for a look at just how much of the show is real, and how much is Hollywood.

We'll have an inside look at Hawaii's only trauma center to find out. We take you through all the behind-the-scenes action at the Queen's Hospital emergency room.

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