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Target stores help surrounding businesses during recession

Ricky Baker Ricky Baker
Robert Chin Robert Chin

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HONOLULU (KHNL) - After much anticipation, Target opened two stores on Oahu nearly a month ago. It's been a welcome sight for, not only for local residents, but also surrounding retailers.

This retail giant is helping local businesses not just survive, but thrive.

Since Costco closed in Salt Lake several years ago, businesses in the area struggled to stay afloat. As far as annual revenue goes, some see this new mega-store as a great opportunity to reach their target goals.

Over the past seven years, sales fell between 10 and 15 percent a month at Pets Discount Warehouse in Salt Lake. While it's only been a month since Target opened, there's been a steady flow of return, and new customers.

"Absolutely, I think in time we'll see a lot more activity in this area than we've been seeing before, we think it will translate into initial sales," said Ricky Baker of M & B Pets

Anticipating more traffic, the C.E.O. decided to do a little creative advertising to help attract more customers.

"We're putting banners out on the street and some sign boards to let people know if they're shopping at target they can come over here and get an extra 10% off with us," said Ricky Baker.

Salt Lake businesses aren't the only ones seeing an increase in customers.

In Kapolei the new Target is a welcome sight for local merchants at a strip mall just up the road.

"Now we've noticed about 10-15 % raise in the rate of traffic, and customer base," said restaurant owner Robert Chin.

For Robert Chin, the opening of Target couldn't have come a better time. He says three years ago, when he first opened his restaurant, he had no idea the mega-retailer would be coming to Kapolei.

"Without them I will have a tough time in surviving this recession," said Robert Chin.

It's one giant store helping businesses in Kapolei and Salt Lake stay on track, and bite back during these tough economic times.

Kona Commons is an open air mall on the big island, and the site where the third Target store will open this summer.

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