Police commission hears testimony about Correa's leadership

Tenari Maafala
Tenari Maafala
Ed Kubo
Ed Kubo
Boisse Correa
Boisse Correa

By Minna Sugimoto - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - It appears there are many Honolulu police officers who are unhappy with their leader, Chief Boisse Correa. On Wednesday, the officers' union appeared before the Honolulu Police Commission to field questions about its recent survey.

Some of Correa's supporters also attended the meeting.

The Honolulu Police Commission is responsible for appointing and, if necessary, removing the chief. Within the next few months, the panel will decide Boisse Correa's fate.

"My relationship with him is outstanding," Ed Kubo, US Attorney, said. "I consider him to be an outstanding partner, and I do support him."

Correa himself is noticeably absent.

While he's been at the helm, the State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers says officer morale has plummeted. SHOPO, which has about 1,900 Oahu members, says it got back 811 of its surveys regarding the chief, or about 39%.

"Guys are intimidated in participating in something like this," Tenari Maafala, SHOPO president, said. "And again, I can't blame the officers for not wanting to partake in this survey."

The union says the responses that did come in were more negative than in the last leadership survey.

"I can't discuss specifics," Maafala said. "But I can, in general terms, it was worse than '05."

"He's a supervisor who supervises his employees," Peter Carlisle, Honolulu prosecutor, said. "That doesn't necessarily lead to being the most popular person in the office."

Correa's supporters say the city's crime rate has declined under his leadership.

The union and the chief have battled over a number of issues, including the way the administration treats officers while they're under investigation.

"He believes in disciplining people early and appropriately, and it's not going to make him popular," Carlisle said. "But it's what makes him a great police chief."

Correa's current five-year term will end in August.

The commission plans to hold another meeting once the union's survey results are in.