Shooting victim's family marches for awareness

Nadine Kuikahi
Nadine Kuikahi

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A silent march Tuesday evening at the state capitol honored a young Ewa woman who was allegedly gunned down by her ex-boyfriend weeks ago.

Rain and wind couldn't stop more than a hundred at the march all with one direct message. Domestic violence victims need more protection.

It was a march with a mission.

"No one deserves to be hit," said a marcher.

"Aloha needs to start in our homes," said a marcher.

Steps to sound awareness.

"It could happen to anybody," said a marcher.

Each story is unique but the scary outcomes similar.

" I had to change my name twice," said a marcher.

There's silence but the signs say it all about domestic violence.

"A lot of women out there and men, it's letting them know to take it more seriously," said Royal Kaukani's sister Nadine Kuikahi.

25-year-old Royal Kaukani was allegedly shot multiple times by her ex-boyfriend Toi Nofoa in Ewa, a week and three days after leaving a domestic violence shelter.

"Sometimes family and the love that you have is not enough to keep them safe," said Kuikahi.

They aren't alone. Steven Wilcox's family has felt that pain. He died during a domestic disturbance last June. Their way of healing is sharing his story with others.

"Seek the help, find that one person they can trust," said Wilcox's mother Gwen Kalihiwa.

The individual paths to domestic violence are as varied as the people involved. For the Kaukani family the steps to solve it starts with this march.

"Through my sister's death, there's a lot of women now coming forward and so it's not in vain," said Kuikahi.

The strength to speak up or an outlet for safety, this event isn't only dedicated to Royal Kaukani, it's for anyone that's ever been a victim.

"If we can help save one other person, it's worth it," said Kuikahi.

The Kaukani family says from the availability of domestic violence shelters to legislation that fixes flaws in the judicial system, they're meeting with lawmakers to lobby for change.

A celebration of Royal Kaukani's life is set for Monday, April 6th.