Mililani man loses big and wins big

Dallas Carter
Dallas Carter
Vance Hall
Vance Hall

By Stephanie Lum - bio | email

MILILANI (KHNL) - Dallas Carter and his wife can't help but smile seeing their young children more interested in our video camera than the check on the table for $250,000.00.

"You're the reason I did it," said Carter holding up the check and looking at his kids.

The father of two won a quarter of a million dollars in an on-line weight loss competition.

"Someone pointed it out to me and told me I should submit my pictures and my story," Carter said.

Looking at him now, it's hard to believe the big guy in the picture was Dallas two years ago.

"When my daughter was born, I tried to hold her close to me. It was horrible because I was holding my child but she was so far away from me," he said.

At 350 pounds, he was determined to make a change. There was no turning back. Facing one of the biggest challenges in his life, Dallas set out to lose weight and win.

The rules of the game were simple: no help from a personal trainer, no surgery, just good-old fashioned workouts.

In time, Dallas started to see the results. He went from big to small and lost 190 pounds.

"My Hawaiian elders they would tell me to strive for the excellence and to strive for the summit," Carter said.

After all his hard work, he made it to the finals and fulfilled his ultimate goal. Standing on a stage in front of hundreds he heard his name announced as the winner of the grand prize.

Dallas lost more weight than anyone else, but his commitment to his family and his overall transformation put him at the top.

"The first thing that I did was I paid off some outstanding debt. Trust me, that was such a great feeling! The rest is going to go away for my children's future," said Carter.

Today, he has a new mission. He's helping others like Vance Hall slim down.

"Right now I weigh about 215 and my goal is probably 180 or 185," said Hall.

Dallas doesn't doubt he'll get there, he says, just as long as Hall keeps his eye on the prize.

"The secret to losing weight is to never give up," said Carter. "It takes motivation, it takes will it, takes desire and have to want it."

Hall says he intends to enter the online weight loss competition and just like Dallas, he wants to win.

If you want to get in touch with Dallas for help with your fitness goals visit e-mail him at the address found on this page.