Something needs to be done with the Waikiki War Memorial Natatorium.  Not exactly a profound statement, but rather a statement that we have heard numerous people make for years and years.  Impassioned people committed to rebuilding the area, environmentalists and health officials concerned about water flow, safety experts concerned about the degrading conditions, officials looking to preserve history, functionality advocates waiting to open up the beach area for more people to enjoy; the list of interested parties and ideas goes on and on.

In the meantime, the dilapidated structure, highlighted by a closed swimming pool, just sits there as the tide drifts in and drifts out, much like the seemingly annual discussions about what to do.  And now, more than ever, money is a huge issue for any type of major restoration.  The time has come to save the monolithic archway, put appropriate historical and educational plaques and memorabilia around it, and rebuild the beach area.  History in this case certainly should be preserved, even if it is only a part of the history that stretches back to 1927.

The realities of 2009 dictate that this World War I memorial should be preserved in some form, albeit not the form that everyone would like to see.  Action needs to be taken on this memorial before natural forces cause the bleachers, pool decks, or seawalls to collapse.  Sadly, that might dictate a ruinous end that many men could not decide upon over too many years of discussion and study.  Think about it...