Man shot dead in Chinatown

Narcisa Bucalbos
Narcisa Bucalbos

By Roger Mari - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - One man is dead after an early morning shooting in Chinatown. Residents in the area react to this latest Oahu murder.

At around 4:15 Saturday morning, residents living on Pauahi Street heard several gunshots. One resident said it was so loud it woke up his whole family.

"It doesn't sound like a small pistol, it sounded bigger than a pistol, it sounded like a magnum," said a Pauahi Street resident.

It's like in Chinatown's new year, its like fireworks," said Pauahi Street resident Narcisa Bucalbos.

It was no celebration. Police say the male suspects stopped their car in the middle of the street. Carrying a rifle and a shotgun, they approached a 35-year-old man and confronted him. Police say they shot him several times as he attempted to run away. He died at the hospital.

The shooting comes a week after Chinatown residents, merchants and community leaders marched to rid their streets of homelessness, drugs and violence.

"It is an uphill battle for the residents here," said a Pauahi Street resident.

Some believe this latest incident shows a clear need for more police in their neighborhood.

"If they want to do it now, tell them to put funding in the police, so we'll have more patrolling in this area. We need more police visibility around the area," said a Pauahi Street resident.

Residents say drug dealing is a major problem, and other criminal activity happens at all hours of the night.

Police are still searching for three men they believe were involved in the shooting. They sped off in what witnesses say is a light-colored American car.