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Hawaii keiki launch their dreams and questions into space

Rochelle Chang Rochelle Chang
Patricia Paulino Patricia Paulino
Astronaut Sandy Magnus Astronaut Sandy Magnus

By Tracy Gladden - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL ) - The stars filled with aloha this morning as local students launch questions into outer space. It's an out of this world field trip, twenty lucky Hawaii students chat with the crew of the space shuttle Discovery. "I find outer space and the stars up there really amazing and cool and there's just so much to learn and discover," said student Rochelle Chang.

So, what does it take to be an astronaut? "You have to like exploration and discovery if those are your passions then this could be a good job for you," one crew member said.

Astronaut Joe Acaba is no stranger to Hawaii. In 2006 he visited Punahou School and Pearl City Elementary.

"Teachers are very flexible and have to think on their feet and i think all of that has gotten me to where I am today," Acaba said.

"Just to hear what they had to tell us was really inspiring for me to dream big and pursue your dreams," Chang said.

"Right now I think that I want to be an astronaut after hearing what they were saying," student Patricia Paulino said.

Astronaut Sandy Magnus says orbiting the earth 16 times a day makes for great sightseeing.

"I find the caribbean very fascinating because of the different color water from the under water structures and the Sahara desert I also find very fascinating because there's lines and lines of dunes and dry riverbeds and lots of beautiful colors," Magnus said.

NASA's down link system connected the astronauts to one very famous Hawaii-born person.

"We had a chat the other day with a fellow named President Obama and he asked us to send his regards along and say Aloha so with that we'll sign off we wish you well and we hope you enjoyed this as much as we did," one crew member said.

The space shuttle discovery is on a thirteen-day mission to the international space station to deliver and install power-generating solar equipment.

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