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Does It Work? The Riddex Plus

Colin So Colin So
Grace Takebayashi Grace Takebayashi

By Roger Mari - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - It might be another alternative and more humane way to address your rodent problem. Non-toxic devices use the wiring in your home, restaurant, or business to create electrical fields and repel pests. Do they work?

A commercial for Riddex Plus claims to be effective in getting rid of rodents forever. A test was done at Honolulu pet shop.

The device isn't designed to kill the pests, but just drive them away by altering the electric wiring within the walls.

"When they get scared or anything like that, they usually get really wild," said Colin So, of Pets Plus.

One unit is supposed to take care of a normal sized room, approximately 2000 square feet. The instructions simply say to plug in the device.

"It's supposed to make them confused, or something like that," said Colin So.

Caged rats were placed about 30-feet from the plugged in repellent, then placed the cage within a few inches of repellent.

"It doesn't seem to have any changes at all," said Colin So.

It device was then placed inside the cage.

"They're actually curious to see what it is," said Colin So.

Although the device didn't seem to live up to what is was meant to do, some would still be willing to give it a try.

"I would probably not buy it, but if someone had a sample and would like me to try it on trial basis, I may try it," said Oahu resident Grace Takebayashi.

If you have a rodent problem, don't get unplugged if the and Riddex Plus can't solve it.

Riddex Plus is also supposed to get rid of other pests like spiders and cock roaches which were not part of the test. The plug-in repellent cost about 20-dollars.

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