A Journey Home

The phenomenal ticket sales success of this week's Journey concerts proves once again that simple marketing premise that if you build it, they will come.  Of course, the "it" has to be something a lot of people really want during a recession, and there are a number of reasons why this group's multiple date sellouts on O'ahu are such a great story.  First of all, we get so little arena-sized rock and roll talent coming our way that it's always exciting when any multi-platinum selling group comes to town.

Secondly, some are suggesting that the new Philippine-born lead singer is bringing new fans out in droves.  Sure, some people are smitten with this amazing Steve Perry-soundalike, discovered by the group on YouTube, perfect for the new era.  And for many people, the songs of Journey represent a different place and time, perhaps better than right now for some. We all sang the songs, cranked up the radio, played air guitar poorly, and lived through the words.  Some people even got engaged or danced at proms and graduation to the monster ballads with "open arms"... of course.

So for just a couple of carefree hours, let us forget about the uncertainty of tomorrow and just yell and boogie and have a communal moment with 6,500 of our closest friends as we wonder "who's cryin' now".  Lighters raised for encores in the 1980s have been replaced by the ever-present, obnoxious cell phones of this era, as we will all be "lovin', touchin', squeezin'" just one more time.  Think about it...