Vandals wreak havoc on an Oahu neighborhood

Rose Downie
Rose Downie
Joe Stacy
Joe Stacy

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

AIEA (KHNL) - Aiea homeowners woke up Tuesday morning to find their houses and cars damaged, totaling an estimated more than $8,500.

Around 10:30 p.m. Monday night, witnesses say they heard glass shattering and a series of loud noises for about five minutes. It turned out to be what neighbors feared, being the focus of another attack.

Down the side.

"They broke this window, this window, this window," said Aiea resident Joe Stacy.

On the windshield.

"They used some sort of tire rod, two hits right here," said Stacy.

Even inside. Joe Stacy's 1998 Ford Windstar's windows are wrecked.

"I just don't know why they take their frustrations out on us," said Stacy.

He's not alone. Shattered specs of glass run down the street as homes and twelve cars are targeted by vandals who neighbors suspect are teens.

"I would prefer to give them 20 bucks for beer than have them come here and break our cars," said Stacy.

The neighborhood board president says random acts of vandalism happen in the Aiea neighborhood all the time.

"We shouldn't be afraid. We didn't do anything to you so why are you doing this to us," said Board President Rose Downie.

Stacy says his insurance deductible only covers about $500 of the damage. It's just money, but he says what really makes him mad is how senseless the crime is.

"The people lose for no reason. We don't have enemies, we try to be good neighbors," said Stacy.

Replacing his side windows with plexi-glass and being on alert is just a start, but Stacy says the entire neighborhood needs to stand together and solve this problem.

They plan to do that by organizing residents together at a huge meeting with Honolulu police and local lawmakers next month to look at how to prevent something like this from happening again.