Park Place

Waikiki parks are about to get a facelift and some new rules as part of a program proposed by Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann.  The goal is to provide a better experience for park users, local and non-local, and the intent is great.  The problem lies in the users themselves.  Some people trash facilities and parks without a second thought, much like imbeciles who get their jollies or inhibitions out by trashing schools and playgrounds.  Way to make a point; what power, or more likely, "what power?"

Some people blame the homeless, but that's not the core problem.  The central theme here is that all kinds of people with little self-respect and minimal social skills take out their frustrations on walls, backboards, goalposts, garbage cans, sinks, and toilets.  It happens at parks throughout the state, and it flies in the face of a long-held local belief system which encourages people to respect the land.  Parks in Hawaii, unlike many other places, get no rest- they are used every day and every night due to activities and weather.  Soccer fields never recover, softball fields have bumpy, weed-infested infield surfaces, and basketball players make baskets but can't hit the big garbage cans.  This only adds to the problem at parks.

Even when green park areas are shut down, someone always seems to find the need to be out there in the rain or sun, ignoring the obvious postings, keeping the tired turf from rejuvenating.  Let's take a bit more pride in the facilities and the land itself at our parks; that would be a refreshing and valuable change.  Think about it...