Video game gives players life-long skills

Kris De La Cruz
Kris De La Cruz

By Stephanie Lum - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - From Pacman to Halo, video games have definitely evolved over the years. As you've seen with the Wii Fit, people play them to break a sweat. Now, there's a video game that teaches you new skills to be a better cook in the kitchen.

Gamers like Lisa Perry and Kris De La Cruz are raving about their new Nintendo Personal Trainer Cooking game.

"They have recipes from all over the world; from USA to Argentina," said Kris De La Cruz. "I've always wanted to cook different foods because I'm tired of cooking burgers, tacos and stuff like that."

The game offers players up to 250 recipes to choose from. It's like a cookbook but much better. The main character in the game is a gourmet chef that actually talks to you while you cook.

De La Cruz has selected a recipe from the U.K. for "Chicken Tikka Massala". He listens as the computer tells him to "Peel the garlic for use in both the marinade and curry."

"It's a little more interactive and a little more virtual like somebody is actually teaching you how to cook," said De La Cruz. If he doesn't understand and needs more directions he simply says "details" or "explain" and the chef complies with his request.

In this game, knives replace joysticks to chop, slice, and dice. Before you know it, things heat up in the kitchen and mouths are watering!

Will De La Cruz's dish win over his fiance's taste-buds ?

"Garnish with parsley and then serve," said De La Cruz as he sprinkles freshly cut parsley on his steaming hot creation.

His fiance, Lisa takes a whiff and doesn't hold back. She bites off a piece of the chicken and instantaneously smiles.

"Playing video games and winning is one thing, but being able to play and learn something such as how to be a better cook is another," said De La Cruz.

He looks at his dish in disbelief and said, "I can't believe I made this with a game!"

Cooking is just one in a series of topics in Nintendo's Personal Trainer game series.