Superferry employees speak about their final day

Melinda Hays
Melinda Hays

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The mood was somber Thursday morning as employees continued to carry on with their daily tasks.

It seems like any other day for these Superferry workers. The only thing different is that Thursday is their last one working here.

"It's sad, everyone's sad, we went through the ups and downs, we hope that we can be together again," Employee Gwen Loque said.

A little more than 200 employees are out of a job now that the Superferry is out of service, some of whom we spoke to do not know what they're going to do yet.

"It's sad because when we're away from each other, we miss each other all of us work closely together, when we come back it's like having the family back together again," Loque said.

Melinda Hays started working for the Superferry after 30 years as a flight attendant.

"I missed the human contact, the human contact was real important to me and I got that here, it was a pleasure to assist in the customer service field again," she said.

She, like many of the workers are forced into tough situations.

"I'll stay home with the kids and take care of them, I've been a working mom all my life, so more time with the kids," Loque said.

As the Alakai sailed away Thursday morning, workers hope for waves that bring back the ship.

"I really enjoy working here and the guys that I work with, so it's gonna be sad, but if it does come back, we'll be happy to be back together again," Loque said.

Superferry president Tom Fargo says they may bring back some of the workers if they find a company to use the Alakai.