Economic Ups

For every bad economic story you hear nowadays, you might be able to find a good one.  And that goes beyond the obvious fact that 94% of people are still employed in Hawaii.  Granted, the 6% unemployment rate is double what it was a year ago, but it's still below the national average and lower than about 35 other states.  Still, if you are affected one way or another by the cutbacks of many companies, that information is of little value to you.

While there are dire and stress-inducing signs in many areas, we can still see growth and development locally to remind us that things will get better here- but how soon and how much better is the question.  New Target stores, a Disney Hotel development, an east Kapolei mall, business center and hotels, lower Neighbor Island hotel rates, lower airline rates, lower new car rates, better restaurant deals, all just a few of the signs that we can find some reasons to see hope and opportunities in our midst.

I've heard people suggest that news reports are all doom and gloom these days.  No they're not, and when tourism and employment numbers and car sales rebound, you can be sure that the media will faithfully fill you in.  But trying to find the good stories or making your own good news is healthy for your own sanity if nothing else.  As for the bad economic times, they always do go away, hopefully sooner rather than later.  Think about it...