Murder victim had filed multiple reports with HPD

Alex Vicente
Alex Vicente
Marcus Tuisamata
Marcus Tuisamata

By Minna Sugimoto - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - An Oahu man suspected of fatally shooting his ex-girlfriend in broad daylight Tuesday remains locked up at the Honolulu Police Department's main cellblock.

On Tuesday night, officers arrested Toi Nofoa in connection with an assault, kidnapping and terroristic threatening case involving the same woman last month.

Court documents suggest Royal Kaukani endured multiple frightening encounters with her ex leading up to her murder.

Alex Vicente, a quadriplegic who paints using his mouth, shows off his artwork. He says his friend, Toi Nofoa, wanted to buy one.

"He came a lot, visit, watch TV with me," Vicente said. "He was always nice. We joke."

But now, his friend is suspected of murder.

Police acknowledge they were trying to locate and arrest Nofoa before Tuesday's deadly shooting on Kaukolu Place. A bench warrant was issued March 5th, 12 days earlier, after he failed to appear in court for a kidnapping and terroristic threatening case that Royal Kaukani reported last September.

"It is what it is. Right now, we're just trying to deal with it," Marcus Tuisamata, suspect's cousin, said. "I'm kind of confused and I'm just lost right now. So I don't know."

Heavily-armed officers took Nofoa into custody Tuesday night for a series of alleged incidents last month.

Kaukani told investigators he became violent in a home on Halawa Drive February 8th. Court papers allege he "angrily forced her with a knife from a hallway into his bedroom...threw her onto a bed and forcefully choked her with his two hands around her neck until she was unconscious."

The suspect's cousin says his heart goes out to Kaukani's family.

"I'm not thinking about Toi right now," Tuisamata said. "He did what he did, or if he did do it. We don't even know if he did do it."

"But you're thinking about Royal's family?" this reporter asked.

"Yeah, I'm not worried about him right now," Tuisamata replied.

After the alleged incident on February 8th, Kaukani told police her ex "repeatedly called her cell phone and continued to harass her asking her why she didn't keep her lips shut."

According to court papers, an officer heard Nofoa say, on speaker phone, "he would shoot Kaukani in the head."

Vicente says when the pair last visited him, he didn't notice any problems.

"When they came about a month-and-a-half ago, no because they was loving and they both had hickies all over the neck and they seemed all right," Vicente said.

Police booked Nofoa on suspicion of 21 counts, including 14 protective order violations. At last check, they had not yet booked him in connection with Tuesday's murder.