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March 16, 2009

Abercrombie Won't Flinch

Neil Abercrombie has announced that he does, indeed, plan to run for governor here next year.  So with 18-months to go, the political horse race season is now officially underway.  There are all kinds of dominoes that potentially fall as Abercrombie throws his hat into the ring.  Will Mayor Hannemann run for governor?  Will other possible candidates now hold off and run for Honolulu mayor?  Will possibly aspiring candidates now sit back and look at the to-be-vacant U.S. House seat?  What will the incumbent governor do?  Will the Cubs finally win a World Series this year?  Will the castaways ever get off of "Gilligan's Island"? Oh, sorry, I digress...

Will certain state senate and state house mainstays decide that this is their best chance to run for a higher office?  Will the lieutenant governor's seat become a catapult for someone with higher hopes five years from now?  Obviously, this position has proven to be a launching pad for others, including incumbent LG, James "Duke" Aiona, who is the only other announced candidate for Hawaii state governor in 2010.

Will the national parties weigh-in on the primary and start a groundswell of behind-the-scenes support for one candidate or another in the next 17-months?  Or, more likely, will the national party gurus wait to see how the things play out in the September, 2010, primary election before throwing their weight and money behind their party's chosen son or daughter?  Lots to ponder, and lots of time to...  think about it...

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