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Korean pop singer 'Rain' appears in court

Ali Yee Ali Yee
Elaine Ikeda Elaine Ikeda
Eric Seitz Eric Seitz

By Paul Drewes - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A court appearance by international pop star Rain over a canceled Hawaii concert, brings even more bad news to the performer.

On his way into court over a lawsuit from a failed Hawaii concert, Rain is greeted by fans.

But he's also greeted by process servers giving him notice of another lawsuit from a Los Angeles concert that never happened.

The film and TV star dumped the paperwork outside the courthouse.

Even another lawsuit did nothing to slow the support from Rain's fans.

"I hope it goes in his favor and I hope he is remembered from his performances and not his lawsuits," said Ali Yee, a fan of Rain.

During Mondays testimony, video clips of the pop star were shown. You could tell the numerous fans in the courtroom, as toes were tapping and heads were bobbing to the music.

Those performances were analyzed, over what safety and security measures are needed and what could cause a show to be canceled.

During his time on the stand, the performer also apologized to his fans for the no show, saying he didn't make the decision. Then after Rain's testimony, fans stayed at the Federal Courthouse for hours, hoping to see the star one more time.

And they are still hoping for a future show in the islands.

"He knows his fans support and love him. And we want to see him perform here in Hawaii," said Elaine Ikeda, one of Rain's fans.

But the attorney for local promoter Click Entertainment Inc. says even that would not make up for the millions lost from the Rain concert cancelled in 2007.

"It might have been okay in 2007 or 2008 but Rain has never made that offer," said attorney Eric Seitz.  "And now we've incurred additional expenses. Although he's expresses a desire to perform here in Hawaii, it's a little too late for that to happen."

The L.A. lawsuit stems from a show canceled just two hours before it was supposed to begin.

There are also claims of fraud and conspiracy to manipulate the stock price of Rain's tour company.

According to allegations, the reason Rain's U.S. appearances were canceled, was to drive up the price of that stock.

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