Massive air show sneak peek at Ford Island

Edward Sagatis
Edward Sagatis

By Duane Shimogawa bio | email

FORD ISLAND (KHNL) - It's called "The Biggest Little Air Show on Ford Island." Massive remote controlled model military aircraft dating from world war two are on display before the big show.

The Birds of Paradise gave KHNL/K5 News an inside look at their World War II model airplanes. While building and flying planes may be just a hobby to them, it also brings them joy, knowing that their hobby is a part of history.

Edward Sagatis didn't have a hard time finding a hobby to keep him busy.

"This is my retirement," he said. "This is what I enjoy doing and I enjoy flying as well as building."

Sagatis spent 20 years in the air force as a flight engineer. His military career flew him all over the country, but his last flight landed him in Hawaii where he retired.

Building model airplanes now fills most of his time. This WWII P-47 plane is his latest creation. It took him three months to build. He just finished it a week ago. Now, it's ready to fly.

"The first flight is always a little exciting, but once things trimmed out, the airplane flies, no problem after that," he said.

This plane is painted in the 1940's Hawaii Air National Guard colors. Under the paint, it's all wood and a little aluminum. Speed-wise, it's been clocked at around a hundred miles an hour.

"I've ran it already, checked everything out and it's ready for flight," Sagatis said.

While the planes are on the ground Saturday, come next week, it'll be a different story as they take to the skies.

Sagatis admits he's a little nervous about its first flight, but since this is his 12th model airplane, he'll save the concern for the first-timers. To see these model airplanes in person, "The Biggest Little Air Show on Ford Island" happens a week from Saturday at The Pacific Aviation Museum.

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