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Waves roll on to Kamehameha Highway in east Oahu

Paul Arnett Paul Arnett
Tersanne Kaniho Tersanne Kaniho

By Roger Mari bio | email

WINDWARD OAHU (KHNL) - Big waves on Oahu's eastside rarely reach high surf advisory levels especially during this time of the year. Some residents and drivers were caught off-guard when waves came crashing down along Kamehameha Highway.

Although the waves are down on Oahu's eastside, a sign is still up warning drivers to be cautious. Along Kamehameha Highway rocks and debris show how far the waves rolled in during Friday's high surf.

"It was so powerful that it could move those rocks especially the loose impediments all over the highways so it was pretty messy yesterday," said windward resident Paul Arnett.

Paul Arnett has been living in this house for the past 4 years. He says a rock wall which stretches from just past Kuualoa Ranch to Kaaawa Elementary School helped protect his property.

"They've done a good job of putting those rocks up, so it doesn't come over the road so freely," said Arnett.

His next door neighbor, Tersann Kaniho not only heard the powerful waves, but could feel their strength as they crashed on top of the road.

"Roaring, and when we were up in our house we could feel our house vibrating," said windward resident Tersann Kaniho.

She captured images of the waves force using her cell phone during the high tide.

"Kind of scary, because actually no one was out here for the first couple hours when it was really bad, there was no police, no civil defense so it was kind of scary."

Surf along east-facing shores reached 15 feet and dropped 6-to-12 feet by late afternoon and traffic continued to flow smoothly in both directions.

Both Paul and Tersann say they're well aware of the hazards of living along this coastline, but feel the view and serenity of Oahu's eastside is worth the risk.

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