East shore surfers see big waves

Joel Marcus
Joel Marcus
Morgan Adkins
Morgan Adkins

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Big waves on the east shores attracted big attention from not only surfers, but also visitors. The high surf was the spectacle to see. Some tried, but in the end couldn't handle the surf.

Makapu'u's making some big waves. Signs warn surfers and swimmers of strong currents.

"It barely breaks in the middle, it's definitely unusual, it's heavy," said surfer Joel Marcus.

10 to 15 foot faces attract audiences from around the world.

"Good, scary, be careful!," said Japanese visitors.

Some admire from afar.

"This is the first time I've seen waves this ginourmous. I'd just rather not, don't want to drown," said Virginia visitor Morgan Adkins.

But Tyson Kendall feels brave.

"I know the water pretty well, I'm a good swimmer so I like going out on these days," said surfer Tyson Kendall.

With lifeguards and crowds keeping a close eye, Kendall paddles out. He seems to do well, until the wrath of the water wreaks havoc.

Within 15-minutes, he decides to do the smart thing and come back in.

"I'm glad to be back on ground right now," said Kendall.

"I got cut up on the reef out there on my leg. It's pretty bad out there," he said.

A lesson learned for the seasoned surfer, that these are some serious swells.

Both the blowhole and sandy's parking lot was packed with people getting a glimpse of the water Friday afternoon.

Wave heights are expected to be dangerously high again during the weekend.