Ghost tours nearly sell out on Friday the 13th

Joe Punohu
Joe Punohu

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - It's Friday the 13th, the day you supposedly either have good or bad luck. The superstition has nearly sold out ghost tours.

Joe Punohu, a tour guide with Oahu Ghost Tours, gave a preview of the tour's most spooky spots, supposedly haunted with Hawaiian legends.

It is said that at Paradise Park in Manoa lies part of the Alii trail where Chiefs, Kahunas, and warriors pass.

"When we do have Night Marchers, when we see the torches coming up or we see torch light or we hear faint drumming, we're back in the van. We're out of here. We don't want to risk any of our people," said Punohu.

Someone on one of the tours snapped and sent the company a picture of a Night Marcher. In it appears to be a hooded skull. Crossing one, Punohu says, is deadly.

"Your head cannot be above the Chief. The penalty is instant death, no trial no court, boom you're dead. If you look at the Chief in the eye, you'd be struck down dead," he said.

It is at Paradise Park where Punohu says he almost quit his job.

"Something grabbed my arm which has my tattoo of a petroglyph of my name and tries to pull me off the cliff," he said.

The ghost tour also includes King Kamehameha III's summer home.

"The spirits over there are very protective. If we have anything bad outside here, they're not allowed in there. People take pictures, they have orbs all around there, sometimes with faces," said Punohu.

On the company's website, several pictures with orbs are posted.

"Orbs are energy. Spirits supposedly come back in the form of energy," said Punohu.

And while safe inside the ruins of the summer house, Punohu says outside dwells the spirit of Kaupe, who's half man half dog.

"He's jumped out at someone in our group one time, like literally a foot away, broke this huge log, oh, screamed running," said Punohu.

A safety note from the State - King Kamehameha III's summer home sits in a restricted area, so people should not go there on their own.

The ghost tours are year round, not just on Friday the 13th.

What is the origin of Friday the 13th? There are several theories. One of them is, in numerology, everything revolves around 12 - clocks, calendars, 12 zodiac signs, 12 apostles.

So 13 is considered an unlucky number.

And Friday is considered an unlucky day because that's the day Jesus was crucified.