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Friendship the focus as 'Marcia Brady' speaks to Maui students

Maureen McCormick Maureen McCormick
Candace Angel Candace Angel
James Santiago James Santiago

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

WAILUKU (KHNL) - For intellectually challenged people, sometimes it's hard to make friends. That's where the Best Buddies program steps in.

It's the world's largest non-profit organization that provides opportunities for one on one friendships. On Maui, a familiar face from a familiar bunch spoke to students about becoming Best Buddies.

They were the perfect American family and Marcia Brady was the most recognizable one in that family.

From her days as Marcia, it seemed the whole world revolved around her.

But in real life, Maureen McCormick switches roles. She's in Maui -- helping an organization that gives back to the less fortunate.

"I feel so blessed I was able to be on a show that's been seen by so many people and that's loved by so many people and if I can take something like best buddies and put that into the forefront and let people know that's what makes me happy," she said.

For years, McCormick and other famous stars have traveled throughout the nation, sharing their message with others.

Baldwin High School students got that special visit this week. The school recently joined the best buddies program.

"You have so much time to do stuff with your friends, why not make a friend with someone that doesn't have one," Participant Candace Angel said.

Fellow senior James Santiago is now one of her buddies.

"It makes me feel happy," he said. "It makes me feel good about myself, and makes me feel so special in a way no possible."

For people in the best buddies program, all it takes is just a simple phone call.

"It's the simple things, it's love, it's kindness, it's not having a jealous bone in your body," McCormick said.

Making one buddy at a time. That's what Best Buddies is all about and that's not just a hunch. Hawaii is the last state to join the Best Buddies program. It started on Maui with McCormick's brother leading the way.

He hopes the program will find a place on the other islands as well. To learn more about Best Buddies, we've included a link on this page.

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