Homeless In Hawaii

  After years of waiting, a hygiene center (and safe haven) opens in Iwilei

Hundreds of volunteers still needed for homeless count

ACLU: The city’s a Grinch for rousting homeless on Christmas Eve

Homeless shelter for young adults rapidly expands thanks to state’s ‘ohana zones’ plan

46 in every 10,000 Hawaii residents are homeless. That’s the highest rate in the nation, a new report says

Queen’s sees results with innovative program that helps house medically-fragile homeless patients

Continued Coverage

  Legislators pan governor’s $17M plan for homeless ‘ohana zones’

To give back to the organization that saved his life, kettle bell ringer spreads warm tidings of joy

After years of planning and prep, church opens igloo-shaped shelters to the homeless

In ‘game-changer,’ Hawaii given approval to use Medicaid dollars to help chronically homeless

Giant inflatable tents for the homeless could be coming to a park near you

Against the odds, Waianae homeless camp is working to raise a stunning $1.5M for their new, permanent home

  Under month-long pilot, security guards to patrol urban parks where homeless congregate

“People demand that they be safe, in our parks and on our sidewalks."

Homeless continue to skirt Kakaako sweeps despite agreement intended to end cat-and-mouse game

Homeless encampments in Kakaako continue to spring up, despite efforts to address them.

HUD report: Hawaii sees fewer homeless veterans this year compared to last

There are 532 homeless veterans statewide this year, the report says.

State considers Leeward Oahu property as site for homeless ‘ohana zone,' but not everyone is on board

The governor’s homeless coordinator says the state isn’t interested in setting up tent cities. Instead the plan is to house people in existing buildings on city or state land.

  She lived on the streets for 35 years, lost in her illness. Her family never gave up

Kaneohe church’s igloo-like dome shelters to house homeless families

Program for formerly homeless kids helps them break habits learned on the streets

Mayor signs 2 laws aimed at pushing homeless from sidewalks

Lawmaker: City moving too slowly on project that would help mentally ill on the streets

The state wants to open 6 ‘ohana zones’ for the homeless. (Just don’t call them tent cities)

  Council approves sidewalk bills targeting homeless

But there's a catch

Mayor claims City Council is trying to stall efforts to move homeless from parks, sidewalks

“The mayor’s statement’s are just his normal overreactions."

'Trust is being built’: Special police unit charged with helping homeless to expand islandwide

“We’re not criminalizing homelessness in any way."

Permanent home within reach for tenants of Waianae encampment

Leaders of one of the state's largest homeless encampments say they are getting ready to move.

In wake of park closures, homeless encampments pop up on nearby streets

A day after city crews closed three parks in the urban core, homeless encampments are popping up on nearby streets.

Residents near a Moiliili park say homeless turned the area into a haven for drug use

A Moilili neighborhood is in desperate need of help after residents say the city allowed their community park to turn into a drug den.

Work continues to reduce Waianae’s soaring homeless pet population

Efforts to curb the pet population at Leeward Oahu's largest homeless camp continue.

IHS is finding it harder to keep up with the growing demand for meals

Last year IHS served an average of 750 meals a day. Over the past 12 months that number has gone up substantially.

A year after massive sweep, homeless return along Moanalua Stream

More than a year after the city conducted a homeless sweep along Moanalua Stream, many of them have returned.

‘People demand action’: Honolulu Mayor displeased by council’s response to homeless bills

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell expressed his frustration with the City Council on Saturday after their decision to defer two of his bills related to Hawaii's homeless.

Lawmaker: Number of sex offenders registered to parks is ‘shocking’

An HNN investigation found sex offenders registered to parks from the urban core to Windward Oahu.

Review: Dozens of sex predators registered as living in Oahu parks

A Hawaii News Now investigation has revealed some alarming gaps in the system including vague addresses and dozens of convicted sex predators living places where you hope children can be safest.

City mistakenly overstates number of homeless getting permanent housing

It sounded like great news in the battle against homelessness on Oahu but it turns out that a recent city announcement was wrong, drastically overstating how many people were finding housing.

A one-way ticket for homeless to Waianae’s coast is upsetting residents, lawmakers

State and city officials announced on Tuesday that they  Waianae's recent homeless population increase may be attributed to one-way shuttles to homeless shelters on the Leeward coast.

Groups team up to stop pet overpopulation at Waianae encampment

There is a new push to reduce the number of unwanted animals and stop the spread of infections by reaching out to homeless people with pets.

City officials relocate 23 homeless people ahead of park maintenance project

City officials revealed details on an outreach program aimed at Oahu's homeless population on Thursday afternoon.

‘We see anybody’: A new Kakaako clinic aims to help an underserved population

Two of Hawaii's key players in the fight against the spread of HIV have teamed up to launch a first-of-its-kind clinic in Honolulu.

City seeks ‘tough love’ bills aimed at getting homeless off streets

The mayor will be introducing some "tough love" bills in the coming weeks that would prevent the homeless from living and obstructing Oahu sidewalks and other public areas.

The police are offering a different kind of service in Chinatown: Health care

The Joint Outreach Center first started seeing patients in mid-April. Since then doctors have treated more than 400 people.

With smiles and bandages, a street medicine team builds bonds to help the hardest to house

On Tuesday morning in Chinatown, Dr. Christina Wang and other members of the CHOW Project's street medicine team stumbled across someone lying on the side of River Street that they hadn't seen in a while.

Prescribing Hope: How a small Hawaii team is helping the hardest to house

The state's only psychiatric street medicine team, launched in January, is seeing success in helping chronically homeless people with severe mental illnesses — thanks to a controversial prescription and persistence.