Hawaii priest sex abuse victim sues, saying church did nothing to protect him

A Honolulu man who says he was sexually abused by a priest  37 years ago is suing the Catholic church and the order of the deceased priest.

  He sexually abused dozens of Hawaii boys over decades. And he’s buried at Punchbowl

Among the 55,000 service members laid to rest at the National Cemetery of the Pacific at Punchbowl is a child predator: Dr. Robert McCormick Browne.

Kamehameha Schools: Settlement in sex abuse could impact educational programs

Kamehameha Schools has acknowledged that the $80 million settlement its agreed to pay to victims in a decades-old sex abuse scandal could affect future educational programs or the planned expansion of existing ones.

‘Make things pono’: Kamehameha Schools settles sex abuse case

Kamehameha Schools has agreed to a multi-million dollar settlement with numerous men who were sexually assaulted by psychiatrist Dr. Robert Browne, Hawaii News Now has learned.

Lawmakers want to give sex abuse victims from decades past the chance to file suit

Hawaii lawmakers want to give more abuse victims the chance to come forward and file civil lawsuits, no matter how much time has passed.

No deal: Settlement talks continue in Kamehameha Schools sex abuse case

Settlement talks are now underway in the Kamehameha Schools sex abuse case.

In video apology, Kamehameha Schools says institution is ‘committed to doing what is right’

Two Kamehameha Schools executives appear in a video released Tuesday in which the institution issues another apology for the decades-old case in which a former consulting psychiatrist from St. Francis Hospital sexually abused students.

Sexual predator abused children — and treated priests who did the same

Long-hidden documents show how the same man, prominent Honolulu psychiatrist Dr. Robert Browne, played a role in two of Hawaii's biggest sex abuse scandals.

Priest’s sex assault victim: My parents handed money to man who molested me

Chesjoy 'Anthony' Long was abused by a priest at a Keaukaha church almost fifty years ago – a priest who was later treated by Dr. Robert Browne, the former head of psychiatry at Saint Francis Hospital who himself molested dozens of Kamehameha Schools students. In this web exclusive clip, Long recalls how his parents donated money to his local parish – handing money directly to the man who molested their son.

‘The only reason those priests saw Dr. Browne was to compare notes,’ abuse victim says

In this web-exclusive clip, Chesjoy 'Anthony' Long – a victim of sexual abuse by a priest at a Keaukaha church almost fifty years ago – alleges that visits by sexually-deviant priests to Dr. Robert Browne weren't at all about treatment.

Priest’s sex assault victim: ‘They’re sorry they got caught’

In this web exclusive clip, Long explains how his abusive childhood within the church forever tarnished his perception of religion, as well as the reckoning he expects his abuser to face in the afterlife.

  Judge in Kamehameha Schools case didn’t disclose apparent conflict

For more than three years Circuit Judge Virginia Crandall has presided over the lawsuits by former Kamehameha Schools students against the school and St. Francis Medical Center for sexual abuse by psychiatrist Robert Browne decades ago.

Part I: Kamehameha Schools sex abuse victims: ‘Monster’ stole our childhoods

There's been a dramatic turn in a lawsuit by 34 men and families over sexual abuse by a Hawaii psychiatrist.

Part II: ‘Cover-up’ added to pain, Kamehameha School sex abuse victims say

Dr. Robert Browne was the chief of psychiatry at St. Francis Hospital, a recognized civil rights activist, a war veteran, and a father of three. But his upstanding public persona hid a monstrous private life.

Part III: Victims: Kamehameha Schools sex abuse suit is about accountability

The extent of the Kamehameha Schools sex abuse scandal could have remained hidden from the public forever if it weren't for a 2012 law, which allowed victims to file lawsuits over child sex assaults – even if they happened decades earlier.