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Hawaii council seeks details of disaster recovery funds

  State proposes permanent villages of tiny homes for the hardest to house

  Poll: Hawaii residents say they’re buckling under strain of state’s high cost of living

  Kaneshiro put himself on paid leave. So why is he showing up at the office?

Judge OKs use of cell tracking data in ‘mailbox case’ against Kealohas, officers

Crews have removed 14,000 shopping carts from city streets since 2013

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  Taxpayers will pay for city prosecutor’s legal defense in impeachment case

City report: Oahu’s housing shortage on pace to ease significantly by 2030

  Mayor calls prosecutor’s decision to take leave ‘the best solution’ for Oahu

  A year in, mobile hygiene center demonstrates the incredible power of a shower

  The reason for Oahu’s drop in sheltered homeless? Fewer shelter beds

  HPD chief says ‘temporary refuge areas’ could help Oahu’s homeless problem

  Judge seeks more information on Kealoha’s cancer claim, trial delay request

It’s unclear when a federal judge will take up the motion.

New online hub features eruption recovery resources

The 2018 eruption went on for months, destroying more than 700 homes and decimating whole communities.

  Whistleblower lawsuit alleges $20M in rail project change order abuses

The whistleblower suit comes as the City Council is calling for a forensic audit of the rail system.

Federal authorities: Katherine Kealoha used cocaine while she was deputy city prosecutor

An FBI agent also alleges in a filing that Kealoha’s brother told investigators about his sister’s drug use.

  As Oahu’s unsheltered homeless population grows, mayor vows to stick to sweeps

Count: Unsheltered homeless population up 12% on Oahu from last year

  Police investigate if shooting by undercover officers violated policy

  A dismissed 2015 DUI is among the ways Kealoha allegedly helped her friends

Meet Allison Lee Wong: Court filings outline alleged role of alias in case against Kealohas

  2 high-profile cases moved from prosecutor’s office amid federal probe

  If you’re keeping count, the rail authority has now received 3 subpoenas

The scope of the latest subpoena has not yet been divulged.

  Rail authority gets second subpoena in connection with federal criminal probe

The new subpoena seeks documents related to real estate acquisition for the rail line.

  A law meant to help the mentally ill is actually preventing some from getting care

This could all be avoided."

  FBI: Kealoha sent emails from coworkers’ computers to mislead probes. HNN got one

“Erase this will send more," one email said.

  After squatters were kicked out of an urban park, the really big problems began

With barely enough space to squeeze by the sidewalk along Kaimuki Avenue, right next to the high school, seems more like some kind of foul obstacle course.

  Watching Your Wallet: Experts explain the new tax code in simple terms

With sweeping tax code changes affecting this year's filings, experts from NerdWallet help explain how the changes will work for different people.

  DOJ criminal probe seeks more than 30,000 documents from rail authority

The investigation comes in the wake of two critical state audits.

  IHS: 1 in 10 homeless people in Hawaii just got here from somewhere else

“By the time you pay a deposit and first month’s rent and all, you have nothing left."

  ‘Got ur back’: Prosecutors say Kealoha’s private texts showcase alleged misconduct

The former deputy city prosecutor has entered a not guilty plea in the case.

Court hearing on impeachment of embattled city prosecutor pushed back

Kaneshiro’s impeachment proceedings began after he received a target letter from the U.S. Department of Justice.

  Katherine Kealoha and doctor brother plead not guilty to drug charges

A trial in the case has been set for April.

  Untested water: 99.9 percent of foreign fish goes without testing for unsafe drugs

According to government reports, there is evidence that the main oversight agency for seafood, the Food and Drug Administration, has failed to meet new mandates to increase inspections at foreign food facilities.

  Filings offer new insight into Kealoha’s alleged misconduct at prosecutor’s office

"Every time you turn around, you get some new revelation about some absolutely despicable conduct.”

In page-turner of a court filing, prosecutors detail the Kealohas’ ‘house of cards’

Why would a power couple go to such lengths to pin such a strange federal crime on a relative?

Oahu highrise to be converted into affordable housing units

The owner of one of Honolulu’s most recognizable office buildings unveiled plans on Tuesday to convert most of the property into hundreds of workforce rental apartments.

  Women say city prosecutor retaliated against them for testifying in corruption probe

“It opens that office up to wrongful termination, whistleblower claims, a multitude of lawsuits that can be brought against him and the city."

  Homeless camp to city: Stop the sweeps and let us come to the bargaining table

“It’s time for the homeless people to speak out."

  Taxpayers to cover legal fees for embattled city prosecutor to fight impeachment

Keith Kaneshiro is the target of a widening public corruption case.

  Calculating hate: Federally mandated count leaves out untold number of crimes in America

Serious hate crimes from murders to attempted bombings do not show up in federal hate crime data, according to analysis by InvestigateTV.

Punishing hate: Paper tiger laws serve up little to no penalties for attackers

Prosecutors say some state hate crime laws are so weak they "aren't worth the paper they're printed on."

  Multiple sex offenders found on Facebook despite ban

Under Facebook's policies, convicted sex offenders are not allowed on the site; however, InvestigateTV identified multiple offenders who appeared to have recently active profiles.

Watching Your Wallet: How much could you earn if you invested your coffee money?

Financial experts from NerdWallet say saving and investing as little as $20 a week can amount to $170,000 in retirement money.

  Watching Your Wallet: Strengthen your financial fitness before 2019

While many people think about health and wellness resolutions for the new year, financial experts recommend thinking about money goals too.

  Nuclear fallout: $15.5 billion in compensation and counting

Thousands of nuclear weapons workers are seeking compensation from a federal program that has ballooned far past initial projections - and some say they're being denied based on incorrect information.

Watching Your Wallet: Company offering to help lower student debt under investigation

A company offering to help people reduce their student loan debt is now under investigation. One St. Louis woman says her debt actually increased after trying to work with the company.

  Mice. Mold. Messes.

Hundreds of Americans live in deplorable rental properties and their landlord is the federal government. The properties need $50 billion in repairs. Uncle Sam now is hoping that private investors will save public housing.

Watching Your Wallet: Will Social Security be there when you retire?

Research shows many Americans are concerned with whether Social Security will be available when they retire, but many aren’t saving. NerdWallet experts help explain the realities of Social Security and what you can do.

You’re in a political ad. (But you don’t know who’s behind it)

Political organizations with shadowy origins are spending millions on Facebook ads, and some people featured in the ads don't know who the groups are either.

Watching Your Wallet: Travel More, Spend Less

Brad Barrett took $4,000 Disney trip for a family of four for only $150. Seriously.

  Watching Your Wallet: Budget now for holiday spending

Planning travel and shopping months in advance can pay off in the long run, financial experts say.

State investigating storm water runoff on North Shore

“It covers and suffocates the coral reef.”

Report: Customers are overpaying on a quarter of all prescriptions

A new study shows patients are overpaying on prescriptions sometimes because they are using insurance, rather than paying the cash price.

Big Pharma was supposed to self-police fentanyl prescriptions. It failed. Patients died.

Internal documents show lax enforcement, missed opportunities by the federal government.

  Closure of lava shelters signals a major turning point for Puna

More than four months after the Kilauea eruption started in Leilani Estates, significant changes are now in store for the community.

Housing units for families displaced by lava nearly finished

Transitional housing units for people who were displaced by Kilauea volcano eruptions are nearly finished.

Development of 11 tiny homes for lava evacuees finished

Transitional housing units for people who were displaced by Kilauea volcano eruptions are nearly finished.

Portions of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to reopen next week

Portions of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park will reopen next week.

You can help uncover political ad targeting on Facebook

Use the Facebook Political Ad Collector to help categorize ads and understand why they are targeting you.

  Judge rejects Kawananakoa’s request to regain control over her multi-million dollar trust

A state judge today rejected Hawaiian royalty descendant Abigail Kawananakoa's request to regain control over her $215 million fortune.

  A cone within a cone? USGS says fissure 8 has formed a new feature

There's been a new formation spotted within the once highly active fissure no. 8.

  Families of Hawaii National guardsmen financially strained by Big Island, Kauai deployments

The state has finally started speeding up the paychecks of National Guard members, which have been slowed by payroll lags.

Large delivery for Honolulu’s rail project unloaded at Honolulu Harbor

A big delivery was made at Pier 2 at Honolulu Harbor Wednesday.

  A year after massive sweep, homeless return along Moanalua Stream

More than a year after the city conducted a homeless sweep along Moanalua Stream, many of them have returned.

  Jury awards Maui couple $1.7M in suit against their condo association

A jury has awarded a Maui couple more than $1.7 million in a disability discrimination lawsuit against a Kihei condominium association.

Kawananakoa Foundation board members now part of legal battle

Some prominent Native Hawaiians have joined the case in the court battle over control of Hawaiian heiress Abigail Kawananakoa's fortune.

  State commission revokes Ka’u Learning Academy’s charter amid criminal investigations

The Hawaii State Public Charter School Commission voted to revoke embattled Kau Learning Academy's charter, amid criminal and ethics investigations into the school's founder.

  Foundation leaders seek to enter legal battle for heiress Kawananakoa’s fortune

Several prominent Hawaiian leaders are joining the legal battle over Hawaiian royalty descendant Abigail Kawananakoa's $200 million trust.

  Former high-ranking union leader slapped with theft charges in new indictment

A federal grand jury has indicted longtime former union official Nate Lum.

  Honolulu rail project’s price tag grows to $8.3B

The price tag for Honolulu's troubled rail project has gone up again, according to a new report. Jacobs Engineering Group, a federal consultant, estimates the rail project will cost $8.3 billion.

Judge in Kawananakoa eviction case steps aside amid potential conflict

Hawaiian royalty descendant Abigail Kawananakoa's efforts to evict her former housekeepers from a Pearl City home hit a snag after the judge abruptly recused himself from the case.

Congressional candidate gets hefty fine for campaign spending violations

The state Campaign Spending Commission voted on Wednesday to approve a $15,422 fine against Congressional candidate and state Rep. Kaniela Ing.

  Medical exam reveals concerning details into Princess Kawananakoa’s mental state

A sealed report by court-appointed medical expert is shedding new light on the mental state of Hawaiian royalty descendant.

  Moving company still afloat despite allegations of threats, damaged goods and theft

A moving company that's operated without a license for nearly a decade continues to rack up complaints from consumers about bad service, price gouging, stolen goods and even physical threats.

  Former housekeepers for Heiress Kawananakoa say their firing was ‘retaliation’

Longtime former employees are accusing Hawaiian royalty descendant Abigail Kawananakoa and her wife Veronica Gail Worth of retaliating against them.

DOH fines project developer $28K for environmental infractions

The state Health Department is fining the developer of the exclusive Olomana Heights project in Kailua $28,000 over allegations of illegal storm water discharges.

  GRAPHIC: Settlement reached with family 5 years after police fatally shot man

Hawaii News Now has learned that the City and County of Honolulu has paid $650,000 in a recent settlement.

Energized tracks are the latest accomplishment for Honolulu’s rail

Honolulu's rail transit project reached another milestone Friday.

  State puts Manoa stream project on hold due to public input

Under pressure from dozens of vocal Manoa residents, the state Department of Land and Natural Resources place a controversial dredging and tree cutting project on hold.