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Cheap Eats: Da Hui's Kitchen

Da Hui's Kitchen at Ala Moana Da Hui's Kitchen at Ala Moana
A variety of Da Hui's stuffed burgers A variety of Da Hui's stuffed burgers
A Da Hui burger stuffed with bacon A Da Hui burger stuffed with bacon
Portuguese sausage, eggs & fried rice Portuguese sausage, eggs & fried rice
Egg pita Egg pita

with Lyle Galdeira and Russell Yamanoha

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Lyle and Russ usually try to find places off the beaten path, but not this week. Today they're right in the thick of it at Ala Moana Center.

Astute viewers of Cheap Eats will recall that last week, Russ and Lyle were at Da Kitchen in Moiliili, not to be confused with Da Hui's Kitchen at Makai Marketplace in Ala Moana Center, a Cheap Eats winner.

It's a place that could feed a football team, created by a guy who used to play a little ball himself. Former UH football star David Stant knew he needed a hook when opening his place right alongside the other eateries at the Makai Market. He found that hook in his original Hui burgers.

"This is the Pocho Burger. We got Portuguese sausage, onions and mozzarella cheese, cooked inside the burger" said Stant.

That's a burger, stuffed inside out with all kinds of good stuff. Among the choices, a chili burger, stuffed with green chilis, or how about a bacon burger with cheese, onions and no room to spare.

"This is not your normal bacon burger because check it out, stuffed in the middle of that patty, is beautiful bacon. That's how you do it" said Russ.

All of those burgers can be moved for less than seven bucks. And if you like your Cheap Eats on a plate and not a bun, Da Hui has got you covered as well Their menu covers all the bases, with prices your hui will love.

"And if breakfast is what you're looking for, then Da Hui's Kitchen is the place to be. Check this out, you get two eggs over fried rice with Portuguese sausage, for $5.85. And over here, is what they call the egg pita, this is the mini version. You got eggs in there, bacon, mushrooms, the whole lot of good love goes in" said Lyle.

In a place teeming with places to eat, Da Hui's Kitchen really stands out. Besides those big stuffed burgers they have that are terrific, you can get stuff like their Kahuku-style shrimp or their teriyaki steak.

And you know, sometimes it can get pretty busy down at Ala Moana, but not to worry. The Da Hui's Kitchen delivers to areas in and around Ala Moana. So if you're at Ala Moana Park or Magic Island, give ‘em a call.

Da Hui's Kitchen
Ala Moana Center

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