Local Connection: Espidna’s Reputation

Local Connection: The Special Election

Local Connection: The NFL Back in Hawaii

The Hawaii Kai Carnival is in full swing this weekend!

Local Connection: The Priced Out Of Paradise Crisis

Local Connection: New Zealand Shooting

Continued Coverage

Local Connection: Recent Law Enforcement Shootings

  American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure

Local Connection: Taxing Resorts & Hotels

Local Connection: Landslides on the Pali

Local Connection: Homeless Priorities

  Local Connection: Raising Hawaii’s Minimum Wage

Here’s an opportunity for students of Asian, Hawaiian descent interested in public service

The Conference on Asian Pacific American Leadership (CAPAL) is accepting applications.

Local Connection: Hawaii’s Lt. Governor

Green doesn't seem afraid to intervene in a visible way on issues.

Go down the yellow brick road in special anniversary screenings of the ‘Wizard of Oz’

Special showings of a beloved movie classic will take place at the end of the month in select theaters across Hawaii.

Local Connection: A Shutdown Stalemate

This is not the way to serve the American people.

Local Connections: Illegal Fireworks

Young soccer fans have the chance to play alongside professional players in upcoming clinic

  Local Connection: Ige’s “New” Cabinet

Local Connection: Hawaii’s Upcoming Point in Time Count

Local Connection: Keith Kaneshiro

Local Connection: Climate Change and Impacts to Hawaii

Local Connection: The Salvation Army and the Holiday Season

’Tis the season for the Salvation Army’s Red Kettles and bell ringers.

Local Connection: George H.W. Bush’s Legacy

As with any President, his years in office were challenging and full of crossfires and controversy. But by all accounts, he treated friend and foe with respect and dignity.

Local Connection: UH and St. Louis Football

The St. Louis Crusaders were once again by far the top team in Hawaii high school football.

Local Connection: End of the Hotel Strike

The 51-day strike by UNITE local 5 against five Marriot properties owned by Kyo-Ya here caused a lot of pain all around.

Local Connection: The Mayor vs. The City Council

Councilman Ikaika Anderson used some pretty crass language after losing a vote over homeless enforcement in his district.

  Local Connection: Speeding Enforcement on Oahu

During most of this year – police speed enforcement has been dominated by highway drivers in urban Honolulu.

  Salvation Army Angel Tree

This holiday season, you can make a difference for someone in need. Join Hawaii News Now, the Salvation Army and Central Pacific Bank and donate to the Angel Tree Program.

Local Connection: Democrats in Hawaii

They have no one to blame but themselves if they continue to fail to bring real improvement to the quality of life in Hawaii.

  Local Connection: Hawaii Hosts Bruno Mars

It was a proud homecoming for a performer we've known since childhood and is now one of the biggest stars in music.

Local Connection: TMT Atop Mauna Kea

There is time for a conversation between all sides and new approaches to managing Mauna Kea.

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Join the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk and raise awareness and funds to save lives from breast cancer.

  Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Join the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk and raise awareness and funds to save lives from breast cancer.

  Local Connection: Hawaii’s Illegal Vacation Rentals

We had two important stories about illegal vacation rentals last week – and they led to what feels like a breakthrough.

Local Connection: Voting is Underway in Hawaii

It's a shame the voters have had barely any chance to see the two top candidates for governor in an open debate.

Local Connection: Chief Ballard & HPD’s Advancement

Chief Ballard has promised a more open relationship with the public and she is putting action behind that promise.

Local Connection: Invalid Constitutional Amendment

The state Supreme Court did us all a favor Friday by invalidating the proposed constitutional amendment to fund public education.

  Local Connection: A Deadly Year on Hawaii Roads

Barring divine intervention, Honolulu is on a pace to having the deadliest year on our roads in a decade.

Local Connection: Hotel Workers Strike

There is some speculation that Hawaii's strike will be the last to settle.

  Local Connection: Debate Over School Funding

The debate over the constitutional amendment to fund education with a property tax surcharge is heating up dramatically.

Special Olympics Hawaii Over The Edge

Reach new heights at Special Olympics Hawaii Over The Edge!

Hawaiian Humane Society PetWalk Paina 2018

Bring your four-legged friend to Kolowalu Park near Ward Village for the Hawaiian Humane Society’s PetWalk Paina!

  Local Connection: Something Different With Rail

Now HART is trying something new for Hawaii.

  Local Connection: Mazie Hirono’s Choice Words

Agree or disagree, Hirono has been an articulate and sometimes angry interview subject on every network.

  Local Connection: Ige and Hawaii’s Slowing Economy

Gov. Ige dropped the ball on a central promise of his campaign – which impacts every person in the state.

  Local Connection: FEMA in Hawaii

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen visited Hawaii last week to hear about FEMAs response to multiple natural crises this summer.

Want to work in Waikiki? Royal Hawaiian Center is hiring!

Job seekers on the hunt are invited to an upcoming job fair at the Royal Hawaiian Center in the heart of Hawaii's tourism industry.

  Local Connection: The Bravery of First Responders

It was more than ironic that after anticipating a massive flooding event, firefighters on two islands ended up battling major wildfires on their west side.

Local Connection: Vacation Rentals in Neighborhoods

Mayor Caldwell last month rolled out two sets of proposals meant to protect the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

  Local Connection: Enemy of the People

At Hawaii News Now, we strive to serve the public with truthful, impartial and excellent journalism, and that remains our duty.

SLIDESHOW: Wanted Wednesday - Hawaii's Most Wanted

Honolulu police are asking the public's assistance in locating these individuals with outstanding warrants.

  Local Connection: Mistaken Release & Admin Responsibility

Just when it looked that the Ige Administration had salvaged its reputation after the false missile alert, another cabinet member was forced to apologize last week.

Local Connection: 'Compassionate Disruption'

Mayor Caldwell is trying to seriously ramp up his "compassionate disruption" tactics on homelessness.

  New program at UH teaches students how to farm

(Hawaii News Now) - The University of Hawaii has recently unveiled a new program in the past year that allows students to learn how to farm. Joining Howard this morning is David Ringuette...

Local Connection: Campaign 2018

At Hawaii News Now we are proud of the effort and excellence we put into coverage of elections and the campaigns.

  Local Connection: Monster Homes Criminal Penalties

Last week, Hawaii News Now broke the story about the possibility of criminal penalties for people who repeatedly defy building codes.

  Local Connection: Upcoming political debates

Aloha. As a nation, we are feeling the voices of our youth.

  Local Connection: Hawaii's Teacher Shortage

The state teachers' union raised the alarm last week about the increasing numbers of educators who are leaving Hawaii — some to pursue the same profession on the mainland.

  Local Connection: North Korea and Hawaii

The North Korean summit is clearly very important to Hawaii in many ways.

  Local Connection: Hawaii Tourism During Eruption

As we work diligently to help the people of Puna and parts of Ka'u recover and rebuild their lives, we also need to be mindful of the ever-increasing count of cancelled trips to Hawai'i Island.

  Local Connection: Clean Campaigns

Clayton Hee's sudden withdrawal from the Governor's race was a concession that he had run into too much headwind and didn't have enough support to be viable.

  Local Connection: Chief Ballard and HPD Transparency

Police Chief Susan Ballard is once again distinguishing herself from prior Chief Louis Kealoha – with her efforts to restore public trust in the department.

  Local Connection: Lime Scooter in Honolulu

Last week's roll-out of the Lime Scooter-sharing service was a sneak attack on the city bureaucracy, causing one of the angriest public responses we've seen from Mayor Caldwell.

  Local Connection: The Impact of Kilauea

The latest phase of the decades long Kilauea eruption began only about three weeks ago – but it feels like three months.

YWCA Honoree Catherine Ngo

The YWCA is once again honoring women leaders in Hawaii at their annual luncheon next week. Catherine Ngo is one of the four being recognized.

Local Connection: Natural Disasters in the Islands

In the last few weeks, our state has been hammered by natural disasters at the north and south ends of the main islands.

  Local Connection: 2018 Legislative Accomplishments

The 2018 legislative session began in January during three major crises.

  Local Connection: HomeAid Hawaii

Those who benefit from growing our economy, have a responsibility to help those left behind.

40th Annual Charity Walk

Celebrate a tradition of giving and help raise money for Hawaii's non-profit organizations by participating in the the 40th Annual Charity Walk, happening statewide throughout the month of May.

  Local Connection: Kauai Floods

The torrential rain and floods that devastated parts of Kauai and Oahu last week brought out many stories of compassion, resourcefulness and resilience in our communities.

Local Connection: Kaniela Ing's Resume

Last week, we reported that state representative and congressional candidate Kaniela Ing apologized because his LinkedIn page erroneously said he had a masters degree from UH.

Spread some love 'just because' with Hallmark's Free Card Friday

A new line of greeting cards is coming to Hallmark stores in Hawaii.

Join Hawaii News Now at the Hawaii Foodbank Food Drive

Join Hawaii News Now and the Hawaii Foodbank and help feed Hawaii's hungry. Drop off canned meals and monetary donations to any food drive site on Saturday, April 21.

Local Connection: Pesticide Use in Hawaii

The long debate over agricultural pesticide regulation in Hawaii is far from over – but it has reached a crucial moment.

Local Connection: MMA in Hawaii

The popularity of MMA fighting and the success of Hawaii fighters such as Max Holloway would make Hawaii a great place to hold an event. But the recent drama emanating from the company that dominates the sport, UFC, has to make you wonder if the organization has the maturity to pull it off. First of all the UFCs demand for six million dollars to put on the event -- more than Hawaii has ever paid for a pro-bowl -- was absurd.  It was also apparently non-negotiable. That's not a ...

  Local Connection: Souki's Retirement

The forced retirement last week of former House Speaker Joe Souki has provoked a lot of fresh discussion about the "Me Too Movement" and whether it has put aspects of our friendly island culture into question.  Souki claims the incidents several women complained about were so unremarkable to him he didn't remember all of them. It seemed to him that his hugs, kisses and complimentary remarks were welcome and nothing other than typical Hawaii greetings of aloha.  A...

  Local Connection: Aloha Dan Akaka

With the passing of Dan Akaka we say goodbye to our Ambassador of Aloha. The senator who would ask you to call him Danny, kept his humility and simplicity through decades in Washington, while all around him egos and greed ran amok. Even in that environment he managed to keep his family first — his wife Millie was at his side constantly, even at his senate office. His graciousness, dignity and respect could melt partisan barriers and calm an angry moment.  The world war ...

  Local Connection: Mahalo Melveen Leed

Let's take a moment to appreciate Melveen Leed for the 50+ years she has been entertaining and serving Hawaii. Since her career began as Miss Molokai in the Miss Hawaii pageant in the sixties. Melveen has always been a joyful, sassy presence in the local music scene. She is tremendously talented – as shown by her many,  many awards. She's a musical  innovator and a genuinely compassionate and friendly person. Along the way, she has raised more than a million dollars...

  Local Connection: Vacation Rentals vs. Housing in Hawaii

Last week Hawaii News Now reported on a new study that claimed that the illegal vacation rental industry continues to spiral out of control.