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Hawaii News Now (HNN) is Hawaii's leading source for breaking news, severe weather and information, quality reporting, groundbreaking investigations and exceptional local programming. HNN produces 41 hours of local news each week across multiple platforms, including television stations KGMB (CBS), KHNL (NBC), HawaiiNewsNow.com and its mobile apps. Operating as a combined entity since 2009, the stations of HNN have been woven into the fabric of our community for 65 years, with KGMB premiering as Hawaii's first television station in 1952.

In addition to presenting daily coverage of local, national and international news, HNN is also commited to shining a spotlight on issues that are important to Hawaii.

The HNN newsroom is dedicated to the community it serves, providing ongoing, in-depth coverage of the pressing matters that affect us all – homelessness, high cost of living, traffic and our state's infrastructure.

HNN continues to evolve with the changing demands in Hawaii's news audience, who are engaged with local news now more than ever. Whether on social media outlets such as Facebook, on computers and smartphones, or in front of a TV, Hawaii News Now promises to keep audiences connected to relevant and timely news and information when and where they want it.

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