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  Business Report: State tax receipts

  Business Report: Job growth and job shrinkage

  Business Report: Updated gas prices across the nation

  Business Report: Currency exchange rates

  Business: March home sales

  Business: Zippy’s, new director for planning and development, and youth symphony GM

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  Business Report: February hotel occupancy

  Business Report: The bond market

  Business Report: Southwest vs Hawaiian airlines

  Business Report: How the University of Hawaii impacts the State

  Business Report: Computer flops

  Business Report: A look at airline on-time records

  Business Report: Hawaii Opera Theater, Maui brewers, Kaiser hospital chef

The Hawaii Opera Theater is holding its annual benefit this Sunday at the Hawaii Theater.

  Business Report: Hawaii flights that use MAX 8 or MAX 9 aircraft

Here's a list of the flights traveling to Hawaii that use MAX 8 or MAX 9 aircraft.

  Business Report: Economics of MAX-8 issue

Grounding even a few aircraft can set up cascading cancellations and a loss of millions in revenue.

  Business Report: The Boeing 737 MAX 8

Hundreds of MAX 8's fly every day without incident. But who flies them? And where?

  Business Report: Drawings NOT made by Howard

  Business Report: National jobless report

  Business Report: U.S. airline market share

  Business Report: Genki Sushi opening, Fun Factory opening, new COO at Straub Medical Center

  Business: Hawaiian Airlines proposal for more flights to Tokyo Haneda

  Business: February arrivals by air

  Business: Projected population growth for the state

By 2035, the state is projected to have an increase of population.

  Business: Largest economies in Africa

For today’s business report Howard discusses the largest economies in Africa.

  Business Report: Hawaii visitor stats and the reopening of the Hilton Ocean Tower

For today’s business report, Hawaii visitor arrivals this month have gone up 2.1 percent so far.

  Business Report: Kaiser donation, Fairmont Kea Lani aid, Hospice of Kona tournament

Kaiser Hawaii is honoring six employees by giving $10,000 apiece to six nonprofits that those six people choose.

  Business: 2018 Visitor data by country

The U.S. mainland topped the list in the main markets for visitors, while Japan came in second.

  Business: Lion coffee, Hawaii Energy rates, and OHA funding

Lion Coffee today will announce it has developed a special coffee that brews at high elevations.

  Business: National unemployment rates

The national jobless rate is 3.9 percent, while ours is only 2.5 percent. Only Iowa is lower with 2.4 percent.

  Business: Pricey prescriptions and can politicians overcome politics

We pay more for prescription drugs than other countries do.

  Business: Top Hawaii car brands

Hawaii consumers seem to lean more toward Toyota’s when purchasing a car.

  Business: Post-Christmas retail layoffs

The amount of post-Christmas retail layoffs continue to fluctuate throughout the month of January.

  Business: December’s unemployment rates by island

The island chain saw a slight decrease in unemployment rates last month, according to December’s unadjusted employment report.

  Business: Post-Christmas retail layoffs

There’s been an increase in unemployment claims for people in retail positions since December’s holiday season.

  Business Report: Some useful information about millennials

A website called How Much dot net has some pretty good charts measuring stuff you always wondered about.This morning I've got a chart about millennials.I've complained about surveys purporting to tell us something uniquely millennial...

  Business: Oahu office vacancy

For downtown Honolulu, there is a 16 percent vacancy rate for 53 buildings.

  Business: General excise taxes in 2019

For today’s business report we look at the general excise tax rates for Hawaii counties in the new year.

  Business: 2018 tourism

It's time for Howard's Illustrated Economics.

  Business: History of Hawaii’s visitor traffic

For today’s business report, Hawaii has seen a major growth in visitor traffic over the years.

  Business: November hotel report

For today’s business report, Howard looks at the November hotel numbers in the state.

Business: Illustrated Economics

It's time for Howard's Illustrated Economics.

  Business: Priciest cities to purchase gas

According to a new report, Kahului ranks as the most expensive city to purchase gas from in the nation.

  Business: Michael Yadao becomes lobbyist, Kaiser donates $10,000, Bank of Hawaii directors ranked best in nation

For today’s business report, the General Contractors Association of Hawaii has a new lobbyist.

  Business: Historical perspective of the stock market

December usually sees an end-of-year rally in the stock market.

  Business: Top tourist destinations

For today’s business report, Howard looks at how Hawaii compares to the top tourist destinations.

  Business Report: Report reveals new details on the U.S. economic expansion

Howard talks about an important new report on the U.S. economic expansion.

  Business: December arrivals by air

International arrivals are down 7 percent so far this month, but Japan traffic is up 4 percent.

  Business Report: Fun facts about visitors to Hawaii

A quarter of mainland visitors to Hawaii are under 40.

Business Report: People who visit more than one island

Howard's Business Report dives into annual visitors to each island, and those who came for one day or less.

  Business Report: The official state economic forecast, local banks impact, and Singapore Airlines

For today’s business report we look at the economic outlook for local businesses.

  Business: October hotel occupancy report

Hawaii hotel’s saw a slight decrease in occupancy last month.

  Business Report: Hawaii’s unemployment rates per island

It’s time for Howard’s Illustrated Economics on Hawaii unemployment by island.

  Business: New store hours for businesses on Thanksgiving

Some businesses will have special store hours for next week’s Thanksgiving holiday.

  Business: Monday’s stock dive

The stock market took a hit on Monday with many stocks taking a dive.

  Business Report: America’s biggest retailers

Top retailers include Walmart, Amazon, Costco and more.

  Business Report: U.S. airline service to China

Howard talks U.S. Airline Service to China in this Business Report.

  Business Report: DFS looks to Hawaii goods and Daiso is coming to Hawaii

DFS has also agreed to carry the wares of 11 local companies.

  Business Report: Airplane seats to Hawaii

For today’s business report, Howard looks into November’s airline seats to Hawaii.

  Business Report: Businesses on Big Island

Some of the finalists in the HI Plan business plan competition were Uncle Tilo’s Water Catchment, SRFly, and Big Island Espresso Bites.

  Business Report: International visitor traffic

It’s time for Howard’s Illustrated Economics. This morning: the outlook for international visitor traffic through the end of the year.

  Business Report: Unemployment

It's time for Howard's Illustrated Economics.

  Business: Federal debt

The federal debt is $21 trillion and rising.In the budget year that just ended, it grew three quarters of a billion. This year the budget will grow another $1 billion.

  Business Report: New jobless claims reported statewide

New jobless claims were reported across the state.

  Business Report: Who benefits from the hotel strike?

It’s time for Howard’s Illustrated Economics. This morning, who benefits from the hotel strike?

  Business: The key issues in hotel contract talks

There are four main issues whenever labor and management negotiate contracts. The most obvious is pay, because that’s issue one in nearly all labor negotiations.

  Business Report: A look at supplies, shipping, and storms

When Hawaii gets rained on and blown around and the ports are closed, we tend to think of maritime shipping in simplistic terms - what computer people call binary thinking. Either the ports are open and all is well, as exemplified by this drawing, or ports are closed and you can't find anything, whether it's a 2x4...

  Business Report: Tourism is up (again), and Kahala gets ready for a new mall

Here's Howard Dicus' latest business report.

  Business Report: July hotel occupancy report

This is fresh out of the Hawaii Tourism Authority. In July, the Big Island was suffering eruption disruption. But Lane wasn't a factor yet. Kauai 79% (78) $315+8% Rev $226...

Business Report: Hawaii unemployment by island

Kauai 2.3 (2.9) (2.2) Oahu 2.0 (2.6) (2.2) Maui Co. 2.1 (2.7) (2.5) Big Island 3.0 (3.5) (3.1) Maui Island 2.0 (2.6) (2.3)...

Business Report: America’s highest paying jobs

Median base salary for America's highest paying jobs. $96,000 – tax manager. $97,000 – attorney. $102,000 – financial planning manager. $104,000 – plant manager. $105,000 – Engineering manager. $107,000 – nurse practitioner. $109,000 – physician assistant. $116,000...