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Sashimi is popular New Year's tradition in Hawaii

Brandon Chung Brandon Chung
Alan Young Alan Young

By Tracy Gladden - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Sashimi remains a strong New Year's Eve custom for many families in Hawaii. In Hawaii, it's more popular than champagne on New Year's Eve. As we say goodbye to 2008 we say hello to big sashimi sales.

"It's very good fresh fish is always welcome at any local party," said Alan Young, president of Young's Fish Market.

Alan Young prepares the desired delicacy.

"Everybody likes to party on New Year's Eve so we have to be up all night long fulfilling the orders for them," he said.

This good luck charm comes with a higher price tag than last year.

"I'm sure along with the busiest selling day it's probably the highest price time too," said Brandon Chung.

"Maybe I'd say about $4 or $5 a pound more," Young said. "Storms have been coming in, the boats haven't been able to go out as often."

With or without shoyu, it will brighten up any pallet.

"As you swallow, it goes down easily," Young said. "Sashimi goes well with anything."

"Definitely beer," Chung said.

Sashimi isn't the only thing selling big on this New Year's Eve other Hawaiian staple foods are also going fast. At Young's, lau lau is the winner.

"Going to the family's house down in Waianae and picking up some good lau lau. Pork lau lau, beef lau lau, and some chicken lau lau," Chung said.

"We sell lau lau's kailua pig, lomi salmon. Right now we're doing almost 2,000 lau lau's today, and were sold out already," Young said.

He says the economy won't affect tonight's parties.

"Hawaii people, they like to celebrate so when it comes to food they are going to buy," Young said.

"Just leave all the bad behind in the New Year and go ahead with all the good," Chung said.

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