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April 27, 2002

Shige's Saimin Stand

Think back to when you were a kid growing up here and the trips you used to take to the local saimin stand. Well, Sam Choy and I have found a place where you can relive all of that in this week's Cheap Eats.

Just look at this. Bowls and bowls of saimin served up hot every day.

Sam and Lyle:

Lyle: Sam, some people say it's the best saimin on the island. Flat noodles.

Sam: What?

Yep. It's Shige's Saimin Stand where they define freshness. It's because the noodles are made daily from scratch. Wes Segawa is the noodle maker at Shige's. The dough is a simple mixture of water, eggs and flour.

The dough is brought together, then tightly packed. It finally comes out of the mixing pan. And this is where the cool stuff happens with this big PVC pipe. The pipe is used to roll out the dough. The noodle dough gets thinner and thinner. It then goes into a machine and after several passes.

It's ready to be cut into noodles. As they come out, they're literally cut to noodle length with a scissors. Take a close look as the noodles and you'll see they're flat. Which owner Ross Shigeoka says his customers just love.

"Just the look you know. Everybody kind of looks at it you know when they eat it they kind of toss it up with their chopsticks," says Shigeoka.

Its not only the saimin, but the hamburgers and plate lunches at Shige's. Talk to customers and they'll you it reminds them of small kid days.

Lita Inouye says Shige's saimin is the, "best on the island. I've been to other places but, real home made. Made me think of when we were young."

"Saimin, home made hamburger, it's the best. I had my barbeque stick but it's gone. Ha, ha, ha," says, Jeremy Kalaikai.

Saimin and wunton are priced from $2.90 to $5.30. Burgers start at $1.70. Double burgers at $2.50. Plate lunches are around five bucks. And believe me. All of it tastes as good as it looks.

Sam: "Mmmm, unbelievable. Wish you guys were here boy. Cheap eats."

Shige's Saimin Stand is located on Kukui Street in Wahiawa and is open Monday through Saturday.

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