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Did the I-pod Kill Tower Records?

Allen Hines Allen Hines
Brian Thompson Brian Thompson
Jessica Savage Jessica Savage

by: Darren Pai

HONOLULU (KHNL) - With the going out of business signs up, local music fans are heading to Tower Records to look for deals and say goodbye.

"I know they've been around, an institution for awhile," said customer Allen Hines. "But it's sad to see them close down."

Industry analysts blamed the rise of the iPod and digital music downloads when Tower was sold off during bankruptcy proceedings earlier this month.

"Yeah I totally agree," Hines said. "It's probably the biggest reason why a lot of the albums and cds are just going away."

Tower Record served customers in Hawaii for more than 20 years. In five years, the iPod completely changed the music industry.

"With iPod and iTunes you can share everything now," said customer Brian Thompson. "You can buy movies on that thing. You can pretty much take it everywhere."

Tower Records referred questions to Great American Group, the liquidation firm that bought out the company. However, an employee said they will shut down in early December. Tower Records has 3 stores on Oahu.

Some local music fans say Hawaii may never see this kind of record store again.

"They're going to be really specialized where you can just go in and say download this song, download this song," Hines said.

Tower Records on Keeaumoku Street used to be the place music fans looked for the latest releases. Now time and technology may be passing it by.

"I'm disappointed. I shopped at tower for many years. I've been happy shopping at tower," said customer Jessica Savage.

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