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Depleted Uranium Found In Military Base On Oahu

Dr. Fred Dodge Dr. Fred Dodge
Vicky Holt Takamine Vicky Holt Takamine
Ann Wright Ann Wright

HONOLULU (KHNL) A group of activists want answers from the military about it's use of depleted uranium here in Hawaii. The army discovered the material at Schofield Barracks.

The activists out today say depleted uranium is radioactive and harmful to the community's health. and to the environment.

Activists staged outside of Iolani Palace demanded the military to fess up. 

"This is something that can't be swept under the rug, it needs to be exposed" said Dr. Fred Dodge.

They say the military has been hiding its use of depleted uranium. And late thursday afternoon the army admitted ammunition containing depleted uranium was found during excavations at Schofield Barracks.

From Chopper 8 you can see the area where the discovery was made.

"These kinds of activities are a death sentence to our land and resources" said Vicky Holt Takamine of the Ilio'ulaokalani Coalition.

The army released a written statement today saying:

The army has never intentionally misled the public concerning the presence of depleted uranium on army installations in Hawaii. This is an isolated incident.

Depleted uranium can be found in bullets and other weapons used to pierce armor. 
It's been used in both gulf wars and has been linked to gulf war syndrome.

"This stuff is radioactive stuff, depleted by 60% it still is a killer" said Ann Wright.

The army says they are secured and will be disposed of in the proper manner. 

Now they are secured and will be disposed of in the proper manner. Although they did not pose any environmental threat, it is better that we have removed them.
The activists say they want more answers. They filed a request today under the Freedom of Information Act to get details on the depleted uranium found.

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