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Mysterious Substance Clears Out Kunia Walmart

There were tense moments for shoppers and employees at the Walmart in Kunia as they were forced to evacuate from the store Wednesday afternoon.

And it was all because of a mysterious substance that employees claimed to first notice in the pharmacy area at about 1:30.

But the bad odor quickly spread to other parts of the store, according to fire officials.

In addition to the evacuation, a dozen people suffered from burning eyes irritate throats and a burning in their chests.

Medics transported four of those people to Saint Francis West for treatment.

While shoppers and employees were evacuated, a hazardous material crew went in to try to find out the source of the mystery odor.

After scouring the store with hand held detectors that can pick up things like mustard gas and pepper spray and other irritants, the Hazmat crews came up empty.

The store was deemed safe about an hour and a half later and reopened for business.
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